Top 8 YouTube Marketing Tools To Grow Your Channel

Top 8 YouTube Marketing Tools To Grow Your Channel

Video content takes the lead as one of the top-performing content formats. Unlike other content formats, video easily grabs the audience’s attention and keeps them engaged. Marketing your brand with videos can help you gain the much-needed traction. 

When it comes to video content, you can’t undermine the power of YouTube as a platform to market your videos. A 1.9-billion-strong user base makes YouTube a social media channel that you can’t ignore. YouTube, in this sense, makes for a very lucrative platform to build brand presence, generate engagement and expand your audience base. 

So, you have created a YouTube channel for your brand, and have started posting videos. But, are you getting any closer to your goals? Posting videos on your YouTube channel is only half the job done. You need to optimize your YouTube channel if you want to achieve your business goals. 

In this blog, we will cover all the important tools that you can employ as a part of your strategy to develop an effective YouTube channel. So, let’s jump right in! 

Unbox Social

Knowing how your YouTube videos are performing can help you build an effective video marketing strategy for your brand. Unbox Social helps you uncover important insights and intelligence about your YouTube channel. 

Amongst its suite of solutions for social media, Unbox Social offers social media analytics for social media platforms. You can use it to derive important data related to the performance of your videos. From capturing video retention rates to your net subscriber rate, this social media analytics tool helps you uncover important information. 

Further, the tool helps you gain vital insights about your audience along with in-depth data on every video you are posting on the platform. 

Audience Insights


Quality video content is the life and blood of your YouTube channel. Offer your audience with content that stands out. Provide a unique experience with dynamic video content. 

With Animoto, you can create great quality videos for your YouTube channel. In a matter of just 3 steps, you can create videos that allow your brand to stand out. You can pick from a range of video marketing templates on the platform and start creating high-quality videos for your brand. 

Animoto offers a stock library for ready-to-use images on your videos. You can add your brand logo and customize your video content with the typography, styles and more in just a matter of a few clicks.

Social Media Video


Your YouTube channel art is an integral part of your brand presence on YouTube. Your YouTube banner reflects your channel’s identity and showcases your brand personality. Not only your YouTube channel art but your YouTube video thumbnails also play an important role in marketing your brand. 

You can get Canva to design your channel art as well as your video thumbnails. Explore a range of templates and elements including icons, typographies, fonts, photos, and more on Canva. With this visual design tool, you can create attractive thumbnails for your YouTube videos, and push your audiences to view your content.

YouTube Channel Art


If you want to create tutorials for your YouTube channel, get Camtasia. This is a screen-recording tool, ideal for shooting in-depth tutorials for your channel. 

With Camtasia’s screen-recording tool, you can easily create video tutorials for your brand and become a valuable knowledge source on the platform. Camtasia’s screen recorder is all you need to create informative tutorials for your brand. 

YouTube Video

If you want people to discover your videos on YouTube, you need to make sure to step up your SEO game. Keywords play an important role in helping your YouTube videos and channel get discovered. is your go-to tool for finding all the keywords you need to get your YouTube videos noticed. The tool helps you find long-tail keywords by simply looking up a particular topic on this platform. With, you can find keywords to include in your video title and description. 

The more optimized your content will be, the more viewers for your content, and the more engagement on your YouTube channel. 

YouTube Marketing Tool


Want to make your video content universal and easily consumable? Generate transcriptions for your videos with Trint. This tool allows you to upload audio and video files to generate searchable and editable transcripts in a matter of a few minutes. 

The AI-powered tool only requires you to upload your audio/video files and the rest you can leave upon the transcription software. You can edit the transcripts and export in a variety of formats. 

YouTube Video Transcriptions



Headliner is an all-in-one tool designed for marketing your YouTube videos. It comes with a range of features to help you create great quality content for your YouTube channel. 

Add audio visualization to your videos with waveforms. You can rely on the audio transcription feature to automatically transcribe your videos. With the Text Animation feature, you can pick from a variety of text animations or create your own, right from scratch. You can also generate hi-definition videos for small as well as large screens. 

YouTube ToolCameleon Live 

The real-time engagement that live videos can generate can help you take your brand ahead. If you haven’t already included live video content as a part of your YouTube marketing strategy, you need to do it now. 

Cameleon Live is a live streaming app, using which you can stream live to your YouTube channel as well as other social media handles simultaneously. 

 YouTube Live Content



YouTube is a very competitive platform, and if you want to stand out amongst your competitors, you need to employ the right set of social media tools for your brand. Here’s a quick snapshot of all the YouTube marketing tools we have covered in this blog- 


  • Unbox Social for measuring your YouTube analytics
  • Animoto for generating high-quality videos for your YouTube channel
  • Canva for creating YouTube channel art and thumbnails for your videos
  • Camtasia for recording content for your video tutorial
  • for making your YouTube content SEO-friendly
  • Trint for generating transcriptions for your videos
  • Headliner to optimize your videos
  • Cameleon live to stream live videos simultaneous to your YouTube channel



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