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8 Tips and Tricks You Can Follow for Improving Your Carousel Images

Social Ads across platforms have been going through transformations over the years. You can customize Ads on social media to create content that engages your audience. One of the customizations on the social media platforms is the format in which you can create these Ads. Static Ads have been there for years on social media. But in the recent years, there has been quite a buzz surrounding carousel images for Ads.

Carousel images Ads are Ads with slider images which your audience can swipe through to view your content. You can add photos as well as videos on Carousel Ads for your products. This means that there is a lot you can do with Carousel Images and videos to create content that draws the attention of your viewers and help you achieve your desired objective.

Carousel images’ Ads are available on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Carousel images specs are usually the same across social media platforms. Carousel Images for Facebook allow you to add from 2 to 10 slides in your Ads. The Carousel images specs for your Ads allow you to add text up to 125 characters and headline up to 40 characters. The process for building carousel images for Instagram and carousel images for LinkedIn, as well as on Facebook, is more or less similar. The process usually begins with choosing an objective for your Ad campaign. It also usually allows you to add calls to actions that push your audience to take actions that align with your objectives.

carousel images

Using carousel images allows you the scope to create varied content. You can present your brand and products in many different ways using carousel images’ Ads. It will be a smart move to leverage this feature to get your audience to complete the action that will help you achieve your objective. Carousel images Ads offer a great, next level experience to your audience. If you are able to generate the desired response from your audience, then your Ad spending turns out to be fruitful.

Do you want know how to improve slider images? Do you want to create stellar carousel Ads that push your audience to take action?

Here are a few tips and tricks for carousel images that you can follow to make the most of this feature:

1. Project your brand story:

Whether you are new to social media or not, you would always want to push on increasing the awareness about your brand. Now, share your brand’s story with your audience through the carousel.

Tell your audience about the services or products that you offer. There are many ways to creatively use the carousel feature. You can pictures or videos to provide snippets into your brand and generate curiosity amongst the audience.

Take your audience through a short story about your brand with carousel images. Create top notch content to generate a good impression on the minds of your target audience.

2. Add User Generated Content

Did you know that peer reviews as well as fellow customers’ reviews will leave an impact on your audience?

user generated content

You can bring your audience to post videos or photos with them using your products. User generated content helps add to the credibility associated with your brand. In order to make the most of carousel Ads, share user generated content that helps project the trust and loyalty that so many of your users have for your brand.

3. Conduct Product Demonstrations and How-to’s

With Carousel Ads, you can add images as well as videos for demonstration of your product(s). How-to videos have always been a popular content type. In fact, all the content that adds value for your audience will generate engagement.

You can create an interactive, step by step video or photo carousel Ad set for demonstrating a product. You may add the link to the given product on your website at the last of the slider images or in each of the carousel images.You can focus on showing the different ways in which you can use these products.

The idea is to compel your audience to hit the call to action with your content. So, you should make it as comprehensive and creative as possible.

4. Add a powerful panoramic image that draws attention

carousel images

You can use the carousel images to create a powerful panoramic image that will catch the eye of your audience. It could be a photo of your product or a powerful visual that captures the essence of your brand. Create a high quality panoramic image using the carousel Ad.

Now that your Ad visuals captured the attention of your audience, you can take them to the CTA button you want them to push. A good, visually captivating carousel Ad will lead the audience to swipe till the end of the slides. You can add a call to action button at the end of your carousel images.

5. Display products you want to sell

This one is a clear no brainer. But the catch is that you should add a set of products from a particular category to your carousel Ads. It could be a set of products on sale. It could also be all those products that a user showed interest in. Or it could simply be a set of new arrivals for which you want to increase awareness and eventually generate conversions.

This is a simple strategy that you can follow to leverage the feature of carousel images on the platform.

6. Share valuable resources and information

With carousel images, you can also take your audience to valuable sources of information that you have created. You can use this feature to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. One way to do this, is by sharing valuable resources and information, in the form of articles or blog links. You can add calls to action that lead your audience to your website or blog.

Take the example of Precision Nutrition. The 3 article links that they added on the carousel turned out to be very helpful in generating around 60k newsletter sign ups. Apart from that, the brand also managed to decrease the cost per lead for the brand by 50%.

7. Provide a platform for feedback to your audience

You can add calls to action on your carousel Ads for generating an action on part of your audience. Use this feature to generate audience feedback. You can add the ‘send the message’ CTA for instance, on Facebook.

Using this feature will allow you to increase your engagement, while also helping you to get feedback from your audience.

8. Learn from analytics tools’ findings

You can use carousel images to share your brand’s social media performance and other important facts about your brand. Numbers as well as stats are always a good way to support facts. So, you can use a social media analytics tool to monitor and get insights on your social media performance.

Social media insights will be helpful in distinguishing content that drives more attention and other, less engaging content. You can take inspiration from these insights to generate content for your Ads.


Carousel images’ Ads are a big thing today. Brands are using this feature very creatively and innovatively, to fulfill their social media goals. You too can make the most of your Ad investments by using the carousel Ads.

Here is what you can do to leverage on your carousel Ads:

  • Provide a peak into your brand using the multi-card, multi-slide feature of Carousel Ads
  • Add users’ content to add credibility to your content
  • Impart knowledge about your products through product demonstration slides
  • Draw audience’s attention through an eye catching panoramic photo
  • Add products by categories such as discounted items or new arrivals
  • Share links to valuable content on your blog or external sites for establishing your position as a niche expert
  • Provide a feedback platform for your audience through the carousel Ads by adding appropriate Calls to action
  • Use an analytics tool to monitor your content and take inspiration from content that has done well so far




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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!