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  • 9 Easy Tips To Get More YouTube Views

    YouTube is one of the biggest online platforms today, with more than 30 billion monthly users. You can leverage the huge audience base of this video sharing platform and increase your YouTube video (s) and channel views. The users are spending around 40 minutes on an average on YouTube for every session. YouTube algorithm gives weightage to videos with higher watch time. Naturally, you too would want to increase YouTube  views and watch time. Brands and individuals are posting videos with different types of co...

    YouTube Marketing Strategy For 2019

    Did you know that your audience loves visual content the most? Amongst visual content, videos are a favourite of the audience. Whether you own a retail business or offer B2B services, there’s enormous scope with videos, to create content that would engage your audience. A lot can be done to market your brand on this video sharing platform. If  you don’t have a YouTube channel for your brand, you need to get one now. The best part about YouTube is that you can use your brand channel to log into multiple goog...

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