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TeamUnbox 14 Nov 2019

How To Reach Your Target Audience Using Video Marketing

A common mistake made by businesses and brands using video marketing as a vital component of their content marketing strategy is assuming that their audience has access to YouTube or indeed any other video-viewing platform. Although a study suggests that 78% of people watch online videos every week, only a tiny fraction might be interested […]

TeamUnbox 02 Aug 2019

Top 9 Tips For Marketing Videos On Social Media in 2019

When it comes to social media content, videos take the centre stage as the most engaging format. Video content is easy to consume and offers a plethora of opportunities for projecting your brand in an effective manner. Video has the power to leave an impression and compel audiences to engage. 

TeamUnbox 29 May 2019

7 Best Video Editing Tools For Social Media

Video content is one of the most engaging content formats. Given the short attention span that humans have, video content is the best form of content to capitalize on. For every social media platform that you are using, you should have a good mix of video, picture and other forms of content. But, since video […]

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TeamUnbox 08 Mar 2019

Easy And Engaging Video Content Ideas

One type of content that drives maximum engagement on social media is video content. The audience loves to watch intriguing videos that entertain them, educate them or inspire them. If you want to attract your audience to your video content, you need to keep coming up with new video content ideas and post it online. […]

Content Marketing Social Media Marketing
TeamUnbox 05 Jan 2019

Why Video Marketing is the Catapult Your Business Needs Right Now

  Every brand and business could use a boost of adrenaline every now and again, at least as far as their marketing is concerned. In order for a business to grow, you need a steady stream of new customers coming into the fold – essentially at all times. This is true regardless of the type […]

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