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TeamUnbox 14 Oct 2019

How to Boost Your Social Media Campaign

Every business, whether it’s small or big, has a lot to gain from making its presence known on social media. You will not only keep your clients interested in what you offer but also reach completely new people with your message. If you are already running a marketing campaign for your company, there is good […]

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TeamUnbox 03 Sep 2019

Top 6 Instagram Campaigns To Inspire You

Users spend nearly an hour on Instagram on a daily basis. With access to such an active audience, you have enormous scope to forge connections and build a loyal base of followers. But without a powerful, fool-proof campaign, it can be very difficult to stand out.  A well-planned and well-targeted campaign can help you go […]

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TeamUnbox 08 Jun 2019

Top Influencer Marketing Campaigns You Should Know

Huda Kattan’s story of success from being a beauty blogger to starting a $ 2.1 billion-worth beauty line, is one that speaks for every Influencer out there. Influencers being avid content creators have become an indispensable part of every brand’s marketing strategy. In fact, the Influencer marketing industry is expected to become a 10 billion […]

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TeamUnbox 06 Jun 2019

Top 7 User Generated Content Campaigns Of All Time

The best way to market your brand is to bring your customers to become brand advocates. Tapping into the power of peer recommendations is the best way to market your brand to your target audience. After all, customer reviews are more impactful than marketing content by brands. Getting your users to feature your brand and/or […]

Content Campaigns Social Media Marketing
TeamUnbox 06 Jun 2019

How To Structure A Product Launch Campaign

Social media is a great channel to market your brand. With access to diverse audience segments, social media makes for just the perfect platform to launch your new products and/or product ranges. As overwhelming as it may sound, running product launch campaigns on social media comes with its own perks. Behind a good product launch […]

TeamUnbox 06 Jun 2019

6 Tips For Creating An Effective User-Generated Content Strategy

Head to AirBnB’s Instagram account and you will see a feed populated with beautiful destinations and lodgings. If you didn’t already know, AirBnB populates its feed with user-generated content only. AirBnB, in this sense, is an example of a good user-generated content strategy. User-generated content comes with its own set of benefits. It has been […]

Content Marketing Social Media Marketing
TeamUnbox 20 Feb 2019

Top Social Media Campaigns Of 2018

What started off as a medium for personal interaction, is now a channel through which you can showcase your brand. The audience relies on social media to a great extent for gaining information about brands as well as products in an effort to make informed decisions. This only means that your brand is always under the […]

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