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TeamUnbox 06 Jun 2019

7 Tips On Using IGTV For Business

Instagram offers various formats and features to help you market your content. In June 2018, Instagram launched Instagram TV or IGTV, a vertical video format that operates as a part of the platform as well as a standalone app. This format has now become an integral part of the platform. With IGTV, you can run […]

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TeamUnbox 01 Mar 2019

IGTV or YouTube- can IGTV take over the video-content sharing giant, YouTube?

On June 20, 2018 Instagram launched its own standalone vertical video application, IGTV. A tool that allows you to create and upload videos in the vertical format, this tool is now being pitted against YouTube. With about 1 billion users on Instagram, IGTV is at the advantage of leveraging its huge user base. YouTube, on […]

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