Influencer Marketing
TeamUnbox 05 Nov 2019

Fake Followers is Plaguing Instagram, Here’s Everything You Can Do!

Many accounts on Instagram are breeding fake followers with a view to attract brands for collaborations. In the process, many brands get duped by these misleading numbers and end up entering into fruitless partnerships.  Fake followers are a major issue plaguing the authentic Instagram experience for brands as well as audiences.   Brands are constantly looking […]

Influencer Marketing Tools
TeamUnbox 27 Jun 2019

The #1 Tool To Find Influencers For Your Brand

Brands like Audible, Daniel Wellington and Glossier have successfully leveraged Influencer marketing to take their brands to the next level. The powerful tactic of getting Influencers on board can help you in many ways to create traction for your brand.  Brands have been actively employing celebrity endorsements over the years. At this point, brands are looking […]

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