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  • 4 Ways To Check If Your Brand Is Working On Facebook

    So, you have set up a page on Facebook and started posting content on the platform. But how do you know if your Facebook activity is helping you attain the results that you are looking for? After all, you are putting the time, money and efforts into creating a good strategy for your brand on Facebook. You need to measure if your branding on Facebook is working or not. As a part of your strategy for branding on Facebook, you need to constantly assess how your page activity is faring on the platform.  For thi...

    How To Measure Facebook Analytics In 2019

    If you are a brand or business, then your presence on Facebook is extremely vital for reaching out to your target audience. Each brand aims to post content with a view to promote their business among Facebook users. You put in an effort to curate and create content, but how do you know if the posts that you put on Facebook are getting you the desired response? With the help of insights and information, even passive interactions can be converted to active conversations. Likes and comments are not the only parame...

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