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  • Top Social Media Campaigns of 2018 to date – Part I

    Remember the Ice bucket challenge? This campaign was conducted to generate support for and awareness about ALS disease.  Millions of people around the globe, including celebrities and famous personalities, took part in this campaign. 4-5 years ago, Facebook, YouTube and other popular social media feeds were full of Ice bucket challenge videos. It was one of those most viral social media campaigns ever. This is one example of a very popular and influential social media campaign that took the world by the storm. ...

    Top 10 Successful Hashtag Campaigns That Created an Impact

    The hashtag fever took over the social media scene a few years ago. Ever since it has been a part of social media strategies of many brands. Hashtags are a part of impressions on your social media. nd brands are employing different hashtags in efforts to increase brand awareness across different social media platforms. The social media scene has seen many fads and trends and will continue evolve as a platform for promoting your brand. One such popular, innovative trend that brands are employing for their social...

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