4 Pillars That Make Up Your Social Media Strategy

A good social media strategy is essential for you to fulfill your goals. For instance, if you are posting content on Facebook to generate a certain reaction from your audience. Your goal is to boost your sales. For this you want them to head to the website and make the purchase. You continue to post content, but with limited to no reactions and response.

Why is your audience not taking the desired action? Is there a problem in your content strategy? Or do you need to change the type of content you are posting? Maybe you need to check on and monitor your social media metrics?

Or maybe you need to revamp your social media strategy altogether?

Social media strategy

Whether you have just plunged into social media  or have been here for a while, your social media strategy should be fool proof. After all, you are spending your money and efforts on social media to achieve a particular goal. But if you are not moving anywhere towards your desired goal, you are probably not getting the desired return on investment on social media.

A good social media strategy is composed of 4 basic pillars of social media strategy. These pillars can help you define the direction for your social media strategy. Each of these pillars feed into the other.In order to ensure that you are getting the desired returns on your investment, you should maintain each of the pillars. If you want to make a mark for yourself as a brand, get ready to work on these 4 essential pillars. These pillars form the base for your social media strategy. You can go through these 4 pillars of your social media strategy to identify the shortcomings in your strategy.

4 Pillars of Social Media Strategy

Pillar 1: A Sound Plan Of Action

You need a sound plan of action that will give direction to all your activity on social media.Firstly, you need to define your objectives and goal. For what specific purpose are you promoting your brand on social media? Is it for building awareness about your brand? Is it to drive traffic to your website? Is it to get more conversions? You need to get answers to all these questions in your social media plan of action.

You also need to clearly define your brand mission and core values. What unique product are you offering to your audience? What makes you stand apart from other brands? What values drive your brand? You need to first be able to define your brand’s USP, that is, the unique aspect of your brand or products that others are not yet providing. Your mission and values will play a role in shaping people’s opinion about your brand. Clearly identify your core values and mission, as these will guide your social media activity to a great extent.

Another important aspect of a social media plan of action is identifying who your target audience is. Which age group are you targeting? Is there a specific gender you are targeting at? Where is your target audience placed? Having a clear target audience is very crucial to your social media activity. You don’t want to waste all your efforts and resources on an audience that doesn’t really have much to do with your brand or products. For efficiency in your social media activity, you need to have an audience in mind. It is this segment that will be the centre of all social media activity.

Pillar 2: Identifying The Right Avenues For Your Social Media Activity

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn. Which of these social media platforms will help you achieve your goal? Maybe you need to be present on all the platforms, or maybe you need to focus on only one or 2 platforms. Which platforms should you focus on more?

Depending upon your brand and the products that you offer, you can decide which social media channel works perfectly for your brand. LinkedIn is perfect for B2B brands. Offering a platform to network with professionals, LinkedIn is great for B2B brands to showcase their brand USP.

But that doesn’t mean that you should give up on the other social media platforms. The idea is to leverage the social media platforms for their respective tools and features. Each of the social media platform offer unique features that you can make the most of, in order to promote your brand.

Pillar 3: Build a smart content strategy

Content is king. It will reflect your brand values and image. You have to use your content across social media platforms, to drive audience action. What time should you post your content on social media? What type of content should you create and post? Which content should you use for each of the platforms? How consistently should you post on the platform?

Social media strategy

The main aspects of building a smart content strategy include a good content creation strategy and a strong content delivery strategy. You know that each of the social media platforms have their own set of tools and features. Each platform also has its own format. Depending upon these factors, you can create a winning content strategy for your brand. For instance, Instagram is the only platform offering vertical, long form videos right now. You can use their IGTV app to create videos with enticing content that engages your audience.

You need to keep track of all the latest social media trends to watch out for content styles that are in vogue today. Live streaming is a good way to boost engagement on social media. You should focus on content that adds value to the audience. This could be demonstration and how-to videos, infographics, pictures etc.You can also invest in paid content to enhance your social media reach. As such, you will have to create content ideal for social media Ads as well.

Your content delivery strategy should be equally strong. You need to be active and consistent with posting your content. You also need to know the right time to share content on each of the social media platforms. It is relevant to share content when audience activity is at peak, so that your content reaches your target audience. Posting content consistently and at the right time is the key to a smart content content strategy on social media.

Pillar 4: Tracking Your Social Media Performance And Learning From Insights

Social Media Strategy-Tracking performance

The final most important pillar of your social media strategy is tracking and monitoring your social media performance. Using a social media analytics tool like Unbox Social, you can track and monitor your social media performance across social media channels. Track the social media metrics that are relevant to your goals or objectives.

You can also uncover insights on your social media activity to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Where are you lagging behind? Is your engagement on social media upto mark? Which are your most popular social media posts? Which segments of your audience are responding more to your brand?

With social media reports, you can derive insights on all these aspects. Then you can build a winning social media strategy, taking away from these insights.


Pillars of social media strategy work like pillars of strength for all your social media activity. These pillars help you stay on track and give you direction, with each pillar feeding into the other.

To give you a basic snapshot of your social media pillars-

  • Build a foolproof plan of action with clear goals, values and definition of target audience
  • Target the right avenues for social media activity
  • Create a smart content strategy encompassing strong content creation and content delivery plans in place
  • Track and report on your social media performance


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