Top 7 Social Media Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

social media trends 2020

In the first quarter of 2019, Instagram announced the introduction of Checkout Feature which allows the brands and the consumers to make purchases on the platform itself. When the user clicks on the product, he/she is directed to a Checkout Page on Instagram such that you don’t have to leave the platform to buy the product. 

Like every year, 2020 too had its own share of social media trends and changes. 

If you want to be on top of your social media game, you need to inculcate these trends into your strategy. Besides using social media tools to constantly keep a check on how your content is performing, it is important to watch out for trends in the industry. As a result, social media predictions shape your online marketing strategy.   

Of course, it is important that these trends should align with your brand. The idea is to leverage the new features and tools to optimal levels. For instance, if you plan to launch a new product, you can probably conduct live streaming of the product launch. This will ensure more publicity as well as better engagement. Moreover, people are spending more time on smartphones than other media.

The earlier you can catch on to these trends, the better you can frame your strategies. Trends have a tendency to become a norm and therefore, you need to constantly keep a watch on what the top trends in the industry are.

As in any other industry, the trends will alter the dynamics of social media. There is no dearth of competition on social media since it is an affordable, easy to use platform. In this context, it is very important for you to be updated and well versed in social media trends.

Social media trends also take audience behaviour into account. On-platform shopping has been introduced. It provided a streamlined, never seen before type of shopping experience to users. Since social media trends are derived out of your audience’s behaviour, you need to take these into account as you plan and strategize ahead.

Many social media trends from this year and many new ones will find their way into 2020. For you, it is very important to keep an eye on all the trends that will influence the dynamics across social media. These trends should, in fact, direct your social media strategy for the best results.

So what can we expect in the year 2020? What will the social media trends 2020 be?

The year 2020 is expected to see a continuity of some of the trends from 2019 and the entry of some new trends. At the same time, it is recommended to keep room for unexpected updates and the introduction of new features. It is important for you to follow a flexible approach. It is suggested to always be prepared to alter your social strategy according to unexpected trends and updates.

Here are the top social media trends in 2020 you need to watch out for:

1. Instagram Stories

social media trends - Instagram Stories

Instagram stories will continue to be one of the top 2020 social media trends. The short-form content option that this feature on Instagram offers works for you in many ways. The short-form content is perfect for providing short glimpses into your brand. The audience is always inquisitive about brands. Combine this curiosity with the fact that the first thing your audience views on their Instagram feed is Stories. 

Leverage Stories feature to share everything about your brand.

Launched a new product? Holding an important event? Added a new blog on your website?

You can use Instagram Stories to draw your audience to your website, to a new product or even a blog. You can also use it to interact with your audience. If you have more than 10k followers on Instagram, you can add the link button to your Stories as well. You can use this feature as a CTA leading to your website, product or landing page.

Instagram Stories have always worked for creating awareness about your brand in unique ways. Showing the human side of your brand will never go out of fashion.

Stories are not a new feature on Instagram but new features are constantly being added to the platform. Gifs, filters, different modes (slow motion, time-lapse, video, type), question stickers, pools, and more add-on features make it a great content format. With quiz stickers, you can also conduct contests or spread knowledge about your brand and industry. It helps brands in engaging their audience. 

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2. Trust and Transparency

In the wake of GDPR, trust, transparency and authenticity have become central to social media activity. In 2020, one trend that will influence all social media activity is building the trust of your audience. GDPR has brought in new rules with more transparency to consumers. 

This has left an impact on paid reach across social media platforms. The process of consumer data collection underwent changes. Breach of consumer privacy, that is, use or collection of consumer data without consent could spell trouble. Brands will continue to be expected to take explicit consent for the collection of consumer data. As such, building relationships with consumers based on trust and transparency will direct social media trends in 2020. 

Being authentic will be equally important in 2020. One of the best ways to add authenticity to your content is to add User Generated Content (UGC). UGC is one very effective way to generate engagement. Take the example of Starbucks using User Generated Content. Starbucks posts often User Generated Content. Capturing original experiences by customers, Starbucks markets its brand very effectively and smartly.

social media trends - build trust

In order to offer an authentic experience to your target audience, you can use social listening. With the help of an effective social listening tool, you can get a grasp of what your audience likes and what they don’t, what they are talking about and how you can improve the overall experience for them.

3. Influencer Marketing – Use Social Media Influencers Who Are Authentic

Call them micro-influencers or trendsetters, partnering with social media influencers continues to be one of the best social media practices to follow. In 2020, bringing authentic social media influencers on board will be a major trend to watch out for. Influencers have an impact on their audience’s lifestyle and purchasing decisions. 

49% of consumers rely on recommendations from Influencers. You can enter into a business partnership with a niche influencer with their area of specialization that aligns with your brand. With influencers, you can target not just your own audience but their audience as well.

In 2019, social account takeovers by influencers were quite a thing. Unboxing videos and product reviews will continue to be the top content types on social media. A word of recommendation by an influencer gradually becomes a form of word of mouth marketing of your brand. If UGC were one of the top content types in 2019, product reviews by influencers will continue to be a part of social content in 2020.

The best part about working with social media influencers is its cost-effectiveness. Unlike celebrities, partnerships with influencers are not very costly. However, influencers provide access to huge target audiences. 

You have the option of providing incentives to influencers in the form of complimentary product samples or in the form of commission or through an affiliate program. This is one of the digital trends that will continue to direct social media strategies in 2020.

Finding the right set of Influencers is important for you to truly reap the benefits of Influencer collaborations. You can use an Influencer marketing platform to discover Influencers and collaborate with them.

Find and work with the right set of Influencers for your brand.
Evaluate Influencers and get to know what brands they have worked with. Scale your Influencer marketing campaigns with Unbox Social.

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4. Videos – Will Continue to Be the Most Popular Content-Type

social media trends - make videos

It has been predicted that videos will be behind about 80% of consumer traffic by 2020. Video continues to be one of the most engrossing content types. 

In 2020, innovations in video marketing are going to take over the social media industry. 2019 also saw its share of evolutions in video marketing. In 2019, Instagram introduced its IGTV landscape mode to make video consumption a better experience. The update allows the creators and users to enjoy the content in their desired way. 

1 minute Instagram videos on the feed also form an integral part of social media strategies. Meanwhile, live videos will continue to be used to generate engagement online. Live Q&As, coverage of important events, demos & how-tos and interviews with industry/subject matter experts are some of the top content to watch out for.

Social media predictions for 2020 based on audience behaviour, include more live video streams. Live video streams help generate interactions in real-time and help build relationships with your audience.

In 2020, you will see more video marketing, particularly in the form of live streams.

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5. Quora – Will Be More Important Than Ever

Quora is not a mere Q&A platform. Besides helping people find answers to different topics, Quora can be a good space for creating brand awareness. In 2020, Quora will be an important platform to market your brand. Although you cannot create a company/business profile on quora, you can use it to represent your brand.

On Quora, you can create your own profile with a headline and profile content. Use this space to share details about your company and your role at your company. Add links to your website or blog or landing pages in this space, to lead people to your website.

Quora is the perfect platform to display your expertise in a given field. Follow topics relevant to your business or industry. Participate actively in discussions relating to your brand as well as industry. You can also create personalized boards on your profile where you can add discussions as well as content from other sites.

social media trends - quora

Answer questions related to your brand or even those related to your industry. Use this as an opportunity to add links to your website or blog, wherever possible. Also, add the follow button using the Quora resources page to get new followers. On Quora, you can build an entire information-sharing community.

Quora for marketing about your brand will be one of the latest trends in social media in 2020.

6. Chatbots – Build Your Own

The social inbox has become an important part of customer service management across platforms. Whether it is for general product queries or shipment status inquiries, customers prefer to approach brands directly through the social inbox.

In order to maintain customer retention and build a strong relationship with customers, you need to have a strong customer management system. It is important that all queries, questions, and complaints that your potential customers and regular customers make, be answered in a timely frame. Using automated chat technology for answering such questions will become the norm in 2020. You can add your brand’s voice and personalize it to create the best possible customer service for consumers online.

In 2020, brands may consider building their own chatbots. These chatbots will be responsible for carrying out all interactions with customers in a smooth, streamlined manner.

7. Augmented Reality

social media trends - augmented reality

Augmented reality refers to an interactive experience created with artificially generated, perceptual information. The Pokemon game that took the world by storm was an example of the use of AR in mobile games. 

Augmented Reality is already a part of social media in the form of filters and lenses on Instagram stories and Snapchat. In the coming year, Augmented Reality will be used to make the consumer experience to the next level. It is also being said that AR will overpower VR although the latter came into the picture much before. 

AR in 2020, will bring about an entirely new experience to customers. Augmented Reality will provide customers with a try and buy experience through its virtual showroom. It is also being speculated that AR will provide experiences akin to watching live events right from one’s home.

For example, Ikea and Lenskart use augmented reality to help their consumers get a feel of the product and make decision-making an easier task while buying products online. 

The year 2020 will be all about inculcating some new trends that will alter the dynamics of social media. At the same time, some other trends such as live videos and Instagram Stories will continue to be top social media practices in 2020.

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