7 Ways to Boost Organic Reach on Social Media

social media organic reach

Building social media organic reach can be very difficult.There is a very high level of competition between brands and businesses across social media platforms. Moreover, every platform operates by its own algorithm. These 2 factors play an important role in determining your social media organic reach.

While paid and sponsored content is a sure-shot way to get your content in front of your target audience, you also need to have a strong social media organic strategy. You wouldn’t want to end up spending all your money and efforts into running Ad campaigns when there is so much potential in organic content that you can tap into. The right mix of paid and organic content can help you ace your social media marketing strategy.

Boosting your organic reach is not as difficult as it sounds. All you need is a strong social media organic strategy that helps you impressions and engagement for your brand across platforms.

To help you ace your social media organic strategy, we have put together a set of steps that you can follow.

Let’s jump right in!

1. Understand The Algorithm For All Social Media Platforms

To be able to boost your organic reach on social media, it is important for you to understand how the algorithm for every social media platform works. After all, it is the algorithm that will determine how the content appears on your audience’s feeds.

Every social media platform follows an algorithm that depicts the way content appears on your newsfeed.

Facebook algorithm favors content that provokes interactions from the audience. So, the more likes, comments and reactions on your content, the better your chances of increasing your organic reach on the platform. As a result, you need to focus on pushing for interactions with your target audience if you want to ace your Facebook algorithm and improve your organic reach.

Instagram follows a different algorithm. The three major factors that determine the appearance of your posts in your audience’s feeds are- timeliness, relationship and interest. Instagram, with an image-recognition technology finds content that depicts every user’s interests. So, if you are looking at content featuring house interiors, you are likely to see more of such content.

Next is timeliness. The logic here is very simple. The older the content, the more difficult it is to boost organic reach. Content that was posted more than a few days ago is likely to be seen by your audience.

Lastly, relationships will also determine which users will see your content more often. Users who engage with your content more often, are more likely to see your content on their feeds.

On Twitter, a user may switch between the top tweets and latest tweets to make changes to their algorithm. Twitter ranks the content on the basis of a relevance score. This score depends on the recency of the content, the presence of media cards such as image and videos, and engagement. Here, engagement includes actions such as time spent on reading a tweet, retweets, favorites, and clicks.

The relevance score that determines the algorithm on Twitter also takes relationships also into account. It looks at the interactions that an account has had with another account, and the strength and origin of the connection.

2. Interact With Your Audience

Actively interacting with your audience is an integral part of building organic reach on social media. A common factor that governs the algorithm across social media platforms is the level of engagement. The more active your interactions, the better your organic reach.

Actively respond to comments on all your posts, across social media platforms. Likes, reactions, retweets, favourites, etc., all these actions play an important role in enhancing engagement and improving your organic reach on social media.

Make sure to respond to all the feedback, complaints and compliments you may receive on your social media. This will help you push up on your feed ranking.

3. Post User Generated Content

Include user-generated content in your social media organic strategy. User-generated content works like peer reviews for your brand. Moreover, the larger number of users circulating your content, the better your chances of improving your organic reach.

You can start hashtag campaigns. Create a new hashtag for your brand. Then you can ask your audience to post content featuring your brand or products. It is very important to also add the campaign hashtag in the captions to the content.

Build reward-based UGC campaigns, where you may reward content featuring your brand or products with a prize or simply adding their content to your feed. This will help generate better reach for your brand on social media.

When it comes to user generated content, you have to give it to Starbucks for their winning engagement and reach. This is one of the user-generated posts that Starbucks shared on Instagram.

Generated Content

4. Conduct Live Streaming Sessions

Live streamed- content can be very helpful in pushing for social media organic reach. Live videos make for a great way to push for real-time engagement.

Live videos are interactive and involve one-on-one type interactions, which help improve your brand engagement to a great extent. The better the engagement, the more eyeballs to your content. Conducting interactive live streams, where you can compel your audience to react and comment, is the trick to ace your social media organic strategy.

Benefit Cosmetics ran a Facebook Live Video stream that brought around 31k eyeballs to their content. This is one of the many examples of different brands using Live streams to boost reach and generate engagement.

 Live Video

5. Focus On Quality Over Quantity

If you want to improve your social media organic reach, you need to focus more on the quality of your content, over the total number of posts you put out.

Concentrate on creating content that improves interactions amongst your audience. Posting too frequently, just so that your content appears before more number of people is not going to work. Most algorithms favor content that engages.

Instead of wasting your time and money on many social media posts, focus on enhancing the quality of your content. Avoid resorting to engagement baiting as most algorithms rank such posts the lowest on their newsfeed.

6. Monitor Organic Reach With Analytics Tools

Use a social media analytics tool such as Unbox Social to unveil important insights and information about your content. With this tool, you can monitor your reach and engagement across social media platforms.

You can track the overall reach, impressions, and engagement, as well as post-wise reach and engagement for your content.

Which content posts generated most reach and engagement? Which ones did not? Do you notice any patterns in response to the consistency of your content?

With this social media analytics tool, you can capture important data on your social media activity. Look at your most popular content posts to understand what aspects of your content did the audience like. You can follow a similar strategy for your future content posts as well.

Analytics tools can help you understand what type of content your audience likes the most.

7. Run Contests To Boost Reach

The audience loves freebies. Topping this off with the thrill of participating in a contest, together creates the perfect recipe for boosting your organic reach.

You can run contests for best captions or best pictures featuring your products or brand. You may reward them by either featuring their content on your feed or giving out freebies or gift packs.

Contests help build a buzz around your brand and generate awareness when participants share content featuring your products or brand. Use social media contests to boost social media organic reach.

Check out this example of go pro’s caption contest on Instagram for inspiration.

Caption The Photo


A good social media marketing campaign includes both paid and organic content. To ace your social media organic strategy, you may follow these steps-

  • Understand the algorithms underlying the reach on social media platforms
  • Actively engage with your target audience
  • Post user-generated content on social media handles for better reach
  • Generate engagement through live video streams
  • Focus on creating quality content over frequency
  • Monitor your impressions and reach metrics to know how your content is performing
  • Run contests and giveaways to build a buzz around your brand


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