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10 Social Media Marketing Trends That Are Here To Stay

The main task of social media is to connect people and social media marketing is all about connecting brands/businesses with the users. Creating a mark on social media platforms is not a cakewalk thanks to the numerous brands wanting to do the same thing. This increases the significance of social media marketing trends. 

Social media functions on algorithms and social media trends. In totality, it is these trends that give us a huge chunk of content on the platforms. Trends not only give the audience something to follow but also allow brands to connect with the users creatively. Most trends lose their essence as and how the new trends enter the market but some of them stay relevant even with the advent of new ones. 

In this blog, we will list out the trends in social media marketing that can help your brand reach its objective. 

Every year the social media platforms witness a wave of new trends but some of them manage to stay relevant no matter what! 

The evergreen social media marketing trends are not just less on the risk factor but are also result-oriented when you don’t wish to experiment with your brand’s marketing strategy. 

Let’s dig into the social media marketing trends that will always be in!

10 Social Media Marketing Trends That Have A Long Shelf Life

social media trends

1. Live streaming

When live streaming of events was introduced it gave a new turn to video marketing. Polished and edited videos were already overdone when live streaming made its entry into social media platforms. Live streaming gained all the more potent because of the pandemic when being physically present at events came with restrictions. Even in the post-pandemic phase live streaming is enjoying a good audience base and is widely used to connect with the users. Live streaming is the best way to keep the audience engaged and convey your brand message.

2. Instagram Stories

The trend of keeping your followers updated with every minuscule development with Instagram Stories will still be relevant. Instagram Stories has gained much-deserved mileage since its launch. The feature allows you to share images and videos for 24 hours. This is best for content that is timely. Stories are also appropriate for content that does not need a full-fledged post. Moreover, stories are also helpful in gaining the desired engagement rate. With the help of polls, GIFs, and other such creative elements, brands can understand the audience preferences effortlessly.

3. Influencer marketing will remain fruitful

Marketers were lately debating whether influencer marketing is reaching its dead end. Well, that’s not the case. Influencer marketing has managed to gain a prime spot in social media marketing. With time, this marketing strategy has also become more professional and systematic in its approach. 

4. Reels will continue to steal the show

Videos have always been popular on social media platforms and Reels changed the game entirely. Similar to TikTok, Instagram Reels are short videos. Reels are created on the basis of trends and garner amazing engagement. Reels allow brands and businesses to follow trends creatively. Moreover, these short videos are easy to make and don’t require much time and effort on the editing front. Users will continue to watch Reels!

5. Fewer posts and more value

Earlier, the number of posts mattered the most to brand managers. It was all about how many posts you publish in a week. But with the increasing competition on social media platforms, content creators want to focus on the value of the content. This approach is going to stay for a while. Brands and content creators will continue with this approach so that they do not lose the audiences’ interest. 

6. Twitter stays a platform for news and information

Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter could never transform into a video-centric channel. The failure of Twitter Fleets made it obvious that Twitter will more or less remain the platform for news and information. Brands and businesses targeting audiences on Twitter have to understand this and frame their strategy accordingly. 

7. Memes will be a huge part of content

The success of memes cannot be unruled. Memes are not going anywhere and will continue to fetch good engagement on social media platforms. Brands have successfully incorporated memes into their content plans and must continue doing so. 

8. Instagram success will matter the most

Brands often have presence on multiple social media platforms but out of all Instagram will remain the most crucial one to crack. Instagram with its image and video features remains the best choice for all kinds of content. Moreover, the rising user base on the platform makes it an unavoidable platform. Brands must continue to focus on Instagram and make sure their strategies make optimum use of the features offered by the platform. 

9. Audience participation is necessary

Initially, brands followed a passive approach wherein the only aim was to convey the brand message. However, with the audience turning into content creators, this has changed. Brands must create strategies that have something for the audience too. Create polls, encourage user-generated content, invite submissions, and so on. Audience participation is going to remain the key for organic engagement on social media platforms. 

10. Social listening will be necessary

Apart from all the other data obtaining analyses, social listening will remain one of the most important. The audience behaviour on social media platforms is changing drastically and social listening helps detect the sentiments accurately. This also has a huge impact on the way strategies perform on different platforms. Make sure you stick to data obtained from social listening. 

Hope these ten points will give you a roadmap for framing effective social media campaigns for your brand. Well, apart from the above-mentioned social media marketing trends, here are a few more blogs to help you with social media. 


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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!