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10 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2021


Social media marketing saved many brands in the year 2020 because that was the only way to reach the audiences thanks to the lockdown. The pandemic increased social media usage and with that several brands had the opportunity to refine their social media marketing strategies. Social media platforms came up with many updates in the year gone by and due to the same, there has been a massive change in the way social media marketing plans are framed and executed. This also brought to the forefront social media marketing mistakes

Most social media marketers are still stuck on the likes and comments count and this can be a big hurdle for their social media marketing campaigns. Another struggle for marketing on social media this year is to come up with something unique and new! 

The platforms are already saturated with repetitive content and the audience is constantly on the lookout for something new. This has created pressure in the minds of content creators and brand marketers. 

Creating authentic content is still crucial but the manner in which content is timed and presented is equally important. The irony is that even after posting authentic content brands hardly get the results they expect. This is because the message is not aptly presented and is not directed at the right audience.

In this blog, we will see the social media marketing mistakes brands and marketers must avoid this year. Let’s begin.

1. Framing similar content for different social media platforms

To save time and effort, brand managers often come up with similar content for all social media platforms. This may not work in 2021!  Make sure you study the platform cleverly before putting out the same content. The audience behaviour on every social media platform differs and so does the message tone and language. See to it that you keep in mind these points when framing a social media strategy

2. Thinking everyone is your target audience

Sure you want every user to see and interact with your content. But that does not mean you compromise on the content. In the pretext of catering to the masses, brands often forget what their target audience wants and is expecting from their social media feed. Analyse your audience before you come up with a social media marketing campaign. Even a small size of dedicated audience can increase your content reach to a great extent! 

3. Keeping your brand voice neutral with nothing new to say

Your brand voice will decide what kind of users will follow you on social media. Simply posting what others are posting will not get you anywhere. Keep your brand voice in sync with your brand. For instance, a lifestyle brand catering to men aged between 20 to 30 years needs to have a confident and witty tone. Being labelled as boring is the last thing you want for your brand on social media. 

4. No interaction in the comments section

When you post something on social media you are bound to get a variety of reactions and comments from the users. Not interacting in the comments section can be harmful! See to it that you interact with the users in the comments section because that will encourage them to interact with your future posts. Moreover, once they know a brand values their comments and opinions they will keep an eye for your future posts. 

5. Not realizing your customer’s behaviour and thinking has changed

The pandemic has not only changed the way businesses function but has also transformed how audiences think and act on social media. Users on social media are looking for more than just discounts and offers. They want value! The stringent lockdown phase has given the users more time to compare and analyse how a brand weighs in terms of after-sales service and value. Not taking into consideration how your audience thinks can ruin your social media marketing strategy

Keep in mind the changes in the buying behaviour of the audience and at the same time also keep a check on what their needs are. 

6. Not keeping up with the industry you are a part of

No brand functions in a vacuum, your brand belongs to an industry which has other players as well. Consider your competitors when framing a social media marketing campaign. Keep an eye on their top posts and what’s trending in your niche. Moreover, also try to check what kind of audience follows their content on social media. This will help you see whether your audience selection is accurate. 

7. Not taking Pinterest and LinkedIn seriously

For most brand marketers, social media means Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. But there’s more! The audience on Pinterest and LinkedIn is widespread and can help you market your brand message effectively. Make sure to consider these platforms as well. Also, brands don’t have to be active on all social media platforms. See which platforms suit your brand and accordingly create a social media plan. Using social media for marketing is not just about being active on all platforms. It is about connecting with the right target audience on relevant platforms. 

8. Posting content just for the sake of likes

One of the top social media marketing mistakes is to post content only for the sake of likes and comments. Your aim as a brand should be to generate a dedicated audience for your products and services. Posting irrelevant content will not help you in the long run. Initially, you may garner followers but these followers will not necessarily engage with your content.       

9. Not posting about social issues and important events

Remember, you are dealing with a new kind of generation on social media. On social media, maximum users are either Millennials or Gen Z. These set of users will not get impressed with your offers and discounts, they need something more relatable. Instead of simply creating posts on festivals you can also highlight some important social issues. This will help improve your brand identity. 

For instance, many brands came forward and highlighted their support for LGBTQ rights. 

10. Framing social media marketing strategies without measuring

Social media marketing tools can help you measure your brand’s social media presence. See to it that you analyse and compare monthly reports of your brand strategies. This will help you identify the loopholes in your campaigns. Brand managers often lack in this and end up failing in their campaigns. 

Tools like Unbox Social help conduct competitor analysis and social media analytics. These reports are highly detailed and tell you where your brand is going wrong in terms of social media marketing

We hope you will keep a close watch on these 10 mistakes! Let’s look at a few brands that have outperformed their social media game even during the pandemic. 

Social Media Marketing Examples

1. Converse

Converse Instagram

The well-known brand has always been vocal about social issues. Additionally, the brand never fails to promote artists. Their Instagram posts are not just product-centric but have a story-telling approach which connects them effortlessly with the users. 

2. Burger King

Burger King Twitter account

The fast-food giant is not just popular for its delicious hamburgers but is also known for its impressive social media presence. Burger King’s Twitter account is worth taking inspiration from. The handle is filled with witty posts that deserve a retweet. Brands wanting to grow on Twitter should definitely take inspiration from Burger King’s content.

3. Oreo

Oreo Instagram

Oreo’s Instagram and Twitter accounts are full of interesting posts. The brand makes sure to target its product in every post but effortlessly. Instead of telling the users to buy Oreo they simply state how Oreo is more than just a cookie. This increases the product value and impresses the audience too. 

4. Tiffany & Co. 

Tiffany & Co. Instagram

Tiffany & Co. is a luxury brand but has successfully generated a dedicated audience base on social media. The brand focuses on its products heavily and is excellent with images. The appealing photographs make their products irresistible which keeps the audience engaged. 

5. Sephora

Sephora Instagram

Sephora is not just active on Instagram and Twitter but also posts heavily on Pinterest. The cosmetics brand enjoys a great fan following on all platforms because of its effective social media marketing strategy. From interactive posts to informational content, the brand focuses on the customers’ needs in all its posts. This gives them an impressive engagement rate. 

The stated brands can give you a lot of ideas for social media marketing.  Along with framing strategies make sure you also focus on influencer marketing to scale up your brand value on social media. 

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!