5 Reasons Why Your Competitors Are Ahead of You

The strategy to succeed on social media comes with a lot of twists and turns and hardly a few brands manage to learn the world of social media efficiently. Every business is now present on social media and most of them are trying to make a mark on the platforms. This has increased the competition to a great extent and new businesses are clueless as to what actually works on these platforms. 

Every brand’s fate on social media depends on how the audience responds and consumes its content. This is why there is no one particular way of increasing your follower base on social media. Marketing of products and services on social media requires a blend of creativity and practicality. But the brand message needs to be presented thoughtfully. 

The popularity of social media influencers has grown due to the same reason. Influences know how to craft messages for their audience and this makes their content engaging. Brands can rely on influencers for promoting their products and services but there’s more to marketing than this.

Why is it that some brands no matter what they post manage to gain maximum engagement on social media? And why do some brands have to struggle to reach the audience? There are several reasons why such situations occur.

In this blog, we will tell you why your competitors are racing ahead of you. 

5 Reasons Why Your Competitors Are Racing Ahead of You

social media competitors

1. Your competitors are doing things differently

Competitor monitoring will help you detect what your industry rivals are doing differently. Right from the kind of captions they are using to the type of content they are posting, everything must be monitored closely.  Social media competitor analysis tools will help you find out what your competitors are up to wrt to their strategies and campaigns. Social media platforms are loaded with content curation features and some brands are doing all they can to make the most of them. This has also been a big factor in increasing the social media presence of brands and businesses.

2. They are targeting an undiscovered audience base

Before you start the process of social media competitive analysis make sure to study the audience. Everything you do on social media depends on the audience. Check who your competitors are targeting on social media and what kind of audience is engaging with their content. Social media competitor analysis tools can also give you audience insights. Make sure to analyse the audience demographics of your competitors, this will help you understand how they are framing the brand voice and strategies. 

3. Your competitors are monitoring the rivals closely

Social media competitors need to be monitored closely. And most successful businesses know this. Simply conducting analysis of your competitors’ performance is not enough, one needs to know which metrics to take into account depending on the objectives of the social media strategy implemented. There are tools available for Instagram competitor analysis and Facebook competitor analysis too. These tools can be extremely helpful for measuring competitor performance. 

4. Competitors have a result-oriented content strategy

Brand voice matters a lot on social media and you need to see what your competitors are doing. The main reason why most new brands struggle on social media is that they don’t have a concrete content plan. This impacts the overall presence of your brand. Right from engaging with the audience to drawing their attention to your products and services, content is needed in all steps. Creating content that clicks with the audience is tricky and requires efforts. Make sure you know the pulse of your audience and what is trending in your niche. 

5. Your competitors are connecting with the right influencers

The most successful marketing strategy right now is influencer marketing. Brands that have made it big on social media have stated how influencer marketing helped increase their reach and engagement. When you monitor competitors make sure to see their influencer marketing strategy too. Look into their influencer selection and see what kind of content they are posting for the brand. This will help you figure out whether your brand needs influencer marketing.

Hope these points will give you a clear picture of where your brand needs to improve. Here are some blogs on competition tracking which will give you additional guidance. 


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