Daily Social Media Checklist For Brand Managers

The process of coming up with a result-oriented social media marketing strategy is surely time-consuming. But more than that, it is difficult to keep a track of how your strategy is performing. The answer is social media analytics. Analysing each metric from different social media platforms is difficult on a daily basis. Additionally, brand managers have a lot more to do than just analyse which posts are doing better. Most brand managers rely on weekly and monthly reports to understand the brand performance on social media. Based on the observations future marketing strategies are designed. 

Creating content and monitoring its impact on the users require a dedicated process. While most managers will happily look at the weekly reports and give a few inputs on how to upgrade the social media plan, tracking the social media performance daily has its advantages. 

It is best to curate a checklist that will help you monitor the brand’s progress daily. 

In this blog, we will help you create a social media checklist that will help you manage your social media accounts efficiently. 

Social media marketing comes with several tasks which involve more than just posting content. Brand managers also need to check how well the audience is consuming their content, how it is affecting the sales, and how their brand value is transforming because of it. To know all of this, it is important to see how the content is faring on social media. 

Social Media Checklist to Track your Brand Performance


Step 1- Check the content calendar

The first thing you must do is check your content calendar for any posts that need to be created or posted. Checking the content calendar first is very important because otherwise you might miss out on important days and may also forget about the posts scheduled for that day. Moreover, the calendar will give you a glimpse of how many posts you need to prepare for the week or the upcoming days. 

Step 2- Check whether all the posts from the day before are posted correctly

Anything pending on social media can hurt your metrics. Make sure you keep a check on whether your team is following the calendar and whether all the posts are uploaded as per schedule. If anything is pending, make sure you find a way to complete it before it gets too late. 

Step 3- Check all the comments and tags you have received on your posts and respond 

You must never keep your users hanging because social media users are quick to judge a brand’s promptness. Make sure you glance at all the tags and comments received and reply to the ones that you need to. There may be queries regarding your products or services or you may receive DMs regarding your brand. Make sure you respond promptly. 

Step 4- Check the follower count on each social media profile 

Keeping a track of the followers is important. This will also help you understand how your posts are helping you increase followers. 

Step 5- Check what your immediate competitors have posted

Brand managers must always be aware of social media trends and must know how to create content on trending topics. Keeping a check on industry competitors is not a month-wise task. Shortlist 2-3 immediate competitors that you want to beat and check what they are posting daily. This will also give you an idea of what you need to curate for your brand. 

Step 6- Browse industry news

A lot goes on in the world of social media and brand managers must keep reading about all the new developments that take place. Be it a new feature on any social media platform or a new brand coming up in the market, everything can have an impact on your brand. Apart from the social media tasks mentioned above, it is also important to keep yourself updated on what’s going on in the industry as a whole. This will also give you an idea of how you need to design your strategies for the future. 

Step 7- Check only the crucial metrics

Social media analytics tools come in handy when it comes to checking important social media metrics. Check the engagement rate, reach, likes, and dislikes on a daily basis to know where your strategy is going wrong. It will also tell you whether your posts are hitting the right notes with the target audience. 

These 7 steps must be a part of your social media daily checklist. Having this checklist in your routine will keep you updated and will also ensure you make the right decision when it comes to deciding the content for your brand. Additionally, these steps also give you a glimpse of how well you are connecting with your target audience through your posts. 

Hope this brief checklist helps you figure out your daily social media tasks efficiently. Check out a few more blogs to streamline your social media marketing strategies-

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