How to Use Social Listening for Marketing Your Brand

social listening for marketing

Social media is all about content. Whether it is photos, videos, live streaming, or tweets, there is so much content out there. Social media content provokes interactions and conversations in response. 

In the early days of social media, people used platforms to interact with friends, family, and acquaintances. Now that brands are proactively marketing themselves on these platforms, the conversations and interactions have become more diverse. People are also engaging with brands as well as in conversations about brands. 

Social media has a lot to offer to you for marketing your brand and products. Get exposure for your brand, provoke engagement, generate leads, and get conversions. But, in order to achieve all these objectives, you need to have a strong, fool-proof strategy.

To enhance brand growth on social media platforms, it is important to know your audiences’ pain points and passion points. Keeping track of what kind of conversations are happening around your brand and/or products can help you go along way in developing effective business strategies. 

Social listening helps you capture all audience conversations featuring your brand, products and/or hashtags and keywords associated with your brand. Finding and identifying conversations associated with your brand can be a very daunting task unless you are using a reliable social listening tool. You can find all brand/hashtag/keyword mentions for your brand at one place using a social listening tool. 

Let’s first dig a little deeper into what social listening is about.

Social Listening 

Social listening helps you collectively monitor conversations, interactions, and mentions around your brand. Instead of having to go look for audience conversations with brand mentions, you can use a reliable social listening tool. You can access all the conversations associated with your brand, using a social listening tool. 

Staying on top of what your audience is saying about your brand helps you build a powerful brand image, a loyal base of followers and learn important insights about your brand. There are many ways, in that sense, by which social listening can be used to take your brand marketing strategy to the next level. 

Use A Reliable Social Listening Tool

Unbox Social offers its Social Listening feature to help monitor audience conversations. Using this Social Listening platform, you can extract important intelligence and data associated with your brand as well as your industry. 

Here’s how you can use the Social Listening feature to dig deeper into audience sentiment- 

To get started, you need to build a keyword or hashtag query. Add a relevant keyword, hashtag or a branded hashtag to monitor conversations. It would make sense to keep your brand, products, niche as well as your target audience in mind while coming up with keywords. The idea is to cover all the important conversations associated with your brand and derive actionable on these insights 

Once you have entered your query on the tool, you will be able to take a look at an overview of all the conversations and mentions for the keyword that you are tracking. 

Social Listening

Total Conversations 

Know the total number of tweets as well as the total accounts tweeting about the keyword you are tracking. 

Does this keyword have the potential to provoke any conversations? What is the number of conversations that this keyword is provoking? Has the number of conversations gone up or down over time? 

At the same time, take a look at the estimated reach and interactions for the conversations associated with the keyword that you are tracking. 

Quality Of Conversations 

What kind of sentiment (s) are conversations based on? Are the conversations more positive, negative, or neutral? 

What is the status of the mentions for the keyword you are tracking? On a scale of hot to cold, how trending is the keyword that you are tracking? 

Capture the quality of the conversations by monitoring the audience sentiment and how trending the keyword is. Understanding the quality of the conversations can help you create strategies to enhance brand image and generate engaging campaigns. 

Types Of Conversations 

How diverse are the conversations? 

Are there more pictures, videos, texts, links, or retweets? 

Take a look at the bifurcation of the different types of content around which the conversations are happening. You can leverage this data to create content that generates more conversations for your brand. For instance, if most conversations and mentions are video-based, you may want to focus more on videos. This information can help you create the right mix of content for your brand. 

Content Creators 

Who all are talking about your brand or the keyword you are tracking? What is the gender composition of the people engaging in these conversations? Is it more of males or females? 

With the help of this information, you can build more effective, and targeted social media campaigns for your brand. 

Which is the most engaging post that features your brand or the keyword you are tracking? Who created this post? And, how many favorites, tweets, and likes has the post generated? 

You can take cues from these insights to build content that stands out and generates interactions. 

Who are the top content creators talking about your brand and/or the keyword you are tracking? Knowing the top, influential creators engaging in conversations and/or mentioning your brand can help you spot potential brand ambassadors or collaborators. 

So, let’s now understand how social listening can be helpful in building a powerful social media strategy for your brand. 

Keyword/Brand Mentions 

Besides getting a macro-perspective of all the conversations and mentions around your brand, you also need to dig deeper into these conversations. 

Mention Tracking

 With the Social Listening feature by Unbox Social, you can get insights on individual posts as well. The tool captures all the conversations associated with your brand and then provides you with sentiment analysis and mention score for every conversation. Apart from that, it also provides data on the total number of favorites, retweets, and replies for the given post. 

You can filter your brand mentions by Location, Followers Range, Retweets, Date Range and Verified Accounts. 

You can derive important insights and information through these audience conversations and mentions. In fact, this information can help feed into your audience targeting, content creation, and brand marketing strategy. By going through these conversations you can also spot any potential red flags. 


In this section, you can take a look at your ‘Interest over time’ expressed in terms of the total number of times your brand was mentioned during a particular day.

Brand Mentions

The tool lets you in on vital intelligence about the cumulative reach for a given hashtag, on a particular day. You can capture the day-wise mentions bifurcated by positive, negative and neutral sentiments. 


Further, the Social Listening feature allows you to get insights on modes of interaction, as well as linked sources and sites featuring the keyword/brand mentions. You can also take a look at the related hashtags, the context of interactions, and sentiment of the interactions associated with content with your brand mentions. 

Brand SentimentAudience 

Who are the top content creators talking about your brand? How influential are the people talking about your brand/hashtag? Using this information, you can spot any potential brand advocates with whom you can collaborate on content marketing campaigns. 

Top Content Creators

Audience Demographics 

What is the composition of the audience talking about your brand? Are women engaging in conversations about your brand more often or men? From where are most of your content creators? What is their age composition?

Know the gender split, location and age composition of your audience. Use these insights to develop well-targeted marketing strategies. 

 Audience Insights

What People Are Talking About 

Find out what kind of conversations is your audience engaging in. 

What topics or subjects is your audience associating with your brand or keyword in their conversations?

For instance, with the keyword ‘Nike’, the audience may be talking about topics such as ‘Shoes’, ‘Comfort’, ‘Running’ etc. With Social Listening, jump into details for each of the topics associated with your brand and/or the keyword you are tracking. 

Social Listening Platform

How To Use Social Listening Data To Your Advantage

Now that you have access to all the social listening data, the real challenge is to leverage this data to enhance your strategy. Here’s how you can social listening to build a more effective business strategy- 

Monitor All Conversations About Your Brand 

Social listening can help you monitor all conversations with mentions about your brand. It is easy to find content in which you have been tagged. However, you can’t miss out on other conversations which include brand mentions. 

This is where social listening comes in handy. You can listen to conversations about your brand as well as any particular keywords relevant to your brand, all at one place with a social listening tool. 

Capture Audience Feedback 

The key to building a loyal, satisfied audience base is to have in-depth knowledge of your audience. Knowing audience pain points and passion points is crucial for building an effective content marketing strategy. 

With social listening, you can monitor audience conversations to gain feedback about your brand. Audience sentiment can play an important role in dictating your content creation strategy. Further, you can spot queries, complaints and any potential red flags quickly and easily. This could help you avoid potential crises and ensure a good rapport formation with your audience.

Enhance Content Creation Strategy

Take cues from social listening platforms to find any patterns around the conversations. What kind of content is generating most conversations? And, what kind of conversations is each content format generating?

Based on these social listening insights, you can develop a content creation strategy for your brand. This will help you develop a well-informed and well-targeted content creation strategy for your brand. 

Find Potential Customers

Social listening tool can help you find potential customers. You can use social listening to go through all conversations around your brand. In the process, you can identify possible leads whom you can target with your content. Social listening, in this sense, is a resourceful tool for discovering new leads. 

Spot Potential Brand Advocates 

Not only can social listening help you identify potential customers, but also brand advocates. The Social Listening platform by Unbox Social, for instance, helps you find out the top content creators for your brand, along with insights about them. 

You can discover influential accounts that are talking about your brand and bring them on-board as your brand ambassadors. 


To enhance brand growth on social media platforms, it is important to know your audiences’ pain points and passion points. Social listening helps you capture all audience conversations around your brand. Based on insights generated with social listening platforms you can- 

  • Monitor all brand mentions and conversations
  • Gain audience feedback on your brand 
  • Build an effective content creation strategy
  • Identify any potential customers
  • Discover influential content creators with whom you can collaborate
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