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5 Instagram Trends that are Changing the Industry

Biggest trends of Instagram in 2018

Instagram has a user base as large as 500 million on a daily basis. Given this huge base of users, Instagram can be a very fruitful investment of your social media plan. In fact, statistics show that Instagram users follow at least 1 business profile on Instagram. Whether you are a B2B brand or a B2C brand, Instagram can be a very helpful platform for the growth of your business.

Instagram comes with not only its photo and video sharing features, but various other features like stories that make it a very popular app. As a business, you must focus on making the most of your social media activity on this platform.

Social media goals may vary from business to business. Instagram may be used to publicize your brand or a particular campaign or to expand your customer base. You may be looking at getting more followers or you may want to direct all traffic to your website, with a view to expand your customer base.

Irrespective of your end goals, you need to be well versed with not just the features and tools of Instagram but you also need to understand the latest trends in the Industry. If you really want to ace your Instagram game, you need to watch out for the Instagram trends changing the industry.

5 Instagram trends that are changing the industry

About 86 percent of the top brands are on Instagram. There is a high level of competition among brands to get engagement and traction. rs. Tracking Instagram trends is important for you to keep pace with your competitors.

1. Instagram account take-over by micro influencers

Instagram story takeover

Influencer collaborations are always a good idea. Micro influencers are individuals with a huge following based on their expertise in a particular niche or area. Collaborations with influencers in any form can be very helpful for your brand. Instagram account take-overs by micro influencers is one of the top Instagram trends for businesses.

Instagram take-over by micro influencers would essentially involve a micro-influencer taking over your stories. Such a take-over could involve influencers carrying out demonstrations of your products, answering questions via the Instagram Live option etc. You can also make them take a tour of your office or you can ask them to conduct ‘a day in the life of ‘ -type stories.

Having influencers take-over your Insta stories works as a win-win situation for you as well as the influencers. Influencers have a huge pool of followers whose purchase decisions are impacted by them to an extent, can be helpful in expanding your follower base and even your customer base. Similarly, collaborating with brands, allows the influencers to gain more visibility.

Inculcating this Instagram trend as a part of your Instagram strategy will be helpful in gaining the much-needed traction.

2. Use IGTV for long-form videos

IGTV for marketing

IGTV is one of the newest features launched by Instagram this year. If you’ve been frustrated with the time limits associated with Instagram video posts and stories, this new feature on Instagram will cheer you up. IGTV allows for businesses to share video content of longer durations on Instagram. This feature allows you to share videos in the most comfortable manner on your phone- vertical and full screen.

IGTV is one of the successful Instagram trends. With longer videos on IGTV, you are in a better position of being able to attract and influence your audience. In fact, your IGTV icon, like highlights’ icon appears below your bio. So, every-time someone visits your profile, they can tap the IGTV icon and they will be lead to your channel. Here you can share multiple videos with your audience.

With IGTV, you are no longer limited by time, content or format. Using IGTV is one of the top Instagram trends in India as well. Many brands like Amazon fashion and Starbucks India are using IGTV today. This feature is like an in-house video sharing platform for Instagram.

3. Shopping on Instagram

Shopping trends on Instagram

Instagram’s new feature allows users to shop directly on Instagram. This new Instagram trend for businesses is perfect for retail businesses to increase their sales within the platform.

Shopping on Instagram feature allows businesses to create posts where they can add products that they want to sell and all the user has to do is tap on the product they want to buy. On tapping on the product they want to buy, your customers will be shown the price. The users can now shop for products within Instagram with the help of this feature.

In one post, upto 5 products and 9 products in a carousel can be tagged to be sold on Instagram. Another upcoming Instagram trend is the addition of the shopping on Instagram feature in stories. While it is still being tested and is offered to only selected businesses, it will be available to more businesses in a few months. This new feature in Instagram stories will allow you to showcase and sell your products within the platform.

4. Cross promotion on stories and posts

Promotion on Instagram

Instagram now allows you to share your stories as a post on your feed and to reshare posts on your stories. With this new feature, you can ensure maximum reach and increase chances of engagement for all your stories and posts.

Instagram stories are the first thing that appear on the top of the Instagram feed and thus most users would first look at the stories. Stories can be used to share and draw attention to your latest posts on Instagram. So even if your followers miss out on a post shared by you, you can simply add the targeted post to your story and direct them to that post.

You can also add your stories as posts on Instagram, especially when you want to draw the attention of your followers to a whole set of slides from your story.

5. Sponsored Posts

Instagram trends

Another top Instagram trend to watch out for is adding sponsored posts. Sponsored posts differ from Ads in the sense that Ads are created with a view to boost your engagement. On the other hand, sponsored content is promoted content from your feed that can drive more engagement. Such posts come with the notation ‘sponsored’.

This feature allows you to select the kind of audience you want to reach as well. The whole idea behind sponsored posts is to leverage popular content to your advantage.

Given the extreme competition among different brands on this platform, using sponsored posts can help you reach your goals. Neil Patel also emphasizes on the trend of ‘Pay to play’ where businesses will use sponsored posts to keep up with the competition for organic reach.


Instagram has, such as the launch of IGTV. But certain trends continue to direct and change the industry each year.

Here’s a snapshot of the 5 Instagram trends:

  • Let micro-influencers take over your Instagram story for a limited time period.
  • Using IGTV for sharing longer duration videos.
  • Viewing and shopping products directly on Instagram.
  • Drive traffic from stories to your feed and from your feed to your stories for maximum engagement and reach.
  • Use promoted content to keep up with the competition for organic reach.

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!