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Brief Guide To Collaborate With Top Influencers


Working with influencers has now become a norm for every brand and business. Social media influencers form the backbone of influencer marketing and this marketing technique is here to stay! The recent influencer marketing trends state that micro-influencers are the most preferred influencers for campaigns but one cannot ignore the fact that mega influencers still hold the highest position on the ladder. 

It is important to note that while micro-influencers and nano influencers are gaining high popularity amongst brands and businesses, mega influencers also have their set of advantages. 

Every brand has different goals and objectives and depending on the same influencers need to be chosen. 

Top influencers are followed by a number of users for a reason and collaborating with them can give maximum brand exposure. 

Apart from a high number of followers, there are several other reasons why mega or top influencers can be good for your campaigns. 

In this blog, we will tell you all about mega influencers aka top influencers or celebrity influencers. 

The popularity of these influencers is because of several reasons. Recently, several micro-influencers entered the mega influencer category thanks to their consistently growing audience base. Users are constantly on the lookout for unique content that fits their interests and that is why influencer marketing is growing tenfold. 

Let’s begin with the basics.

What are mega-influencers?

Mega influencers form the top-most layer of the influencer pyramid. These popular influencers have a huge fan following and that reflects in their follower count as well. Mega influencers have expertise over their niche and are consistent on social media platforms. Influencers with a follower count of 1 million or more fall in the category of mega or top influencers. These influencers are often termed celebrity influencers too. 

Why Should You Work With Mega Influencers?

While the huge fan base remains the most important factor why brands want to work with mega influencers, there are several more reasons to work with this set of influencers. 

  • The celebrity status can help your brand

Mega influencers are trendsetters in their own right and this also means that they have the power to influence a lot of people. This can help your brand in several ways. Collaborating with top social media influencers also reflects the scale of your brand which can be a positive thing in the long run. 

  • Reach maximum audience

Just like we mentioned above, teaming with top influencers can help you reach a massive audience base which is a boon for any brand. When popular social media influencers talk about your brand they are helping your brand reach a wider audience base. 

  • Helps you increase sales

Influencer marketing campaigns are known to have a great impact on sales. Most brands that have teamed up with top influencers have witnessed an increase in their ROI. 

  • Helps build credibility and trust in your brand

Suppose an influencer on Instagram promotes your product on social media it generates a value of trust and authenticity in the minds of the users. This can be a great deal for conveying your brand identity to the audience. 

  • Can help you build a loyal fan base

Mega influencers have a massive follower base and when a particular set of audience starts relating to your brand with the help of these influencers it can help you build a loyal audience for your brand. 

Now, let’s move on to the process of collaborating with mega influencers. 

Steps To Team Up With Top Influencers 

influencer strategy


Step 1- Recognise the need for mega influencers

Brands and businesses need to know if they need to team up with top influencers. This is important because every brand and business has a different objective when it comes to influencer marketing campaigns. If your brand goals need the presence of mega influencers then it is worth going ahead. 

Step 2- Refer to the influencer database or list of influencers

Once you have decided that you need mega influencers for your campaign, you must rely on an influencer marketing platform and conduct research on the list of influencers. Platforms like Unbox Social can help you with influencer discovery. Be it top Instagram influencers or Instagram influencers with expertise in a particular niche, the platform has it all. 

Step 3- Decide the audience you want to target with your influencer campaign

Remember all these campaigns you plan is for the target audience. The selection of your social media platform and influencers will depend on the kind of audience you intend to reach. For that, you need to first choose your target audience properly. Tools like Unbox Social will also give you insights into the audience. 

Step 4- Analyse what these top influencers are posting

These days most mega influencers cater to several niches. And in order to gauge if these influencers are the right fit for your campaign, one must analyse their content. Try and understand what kind of content they are posting, what is the content format, what is the tonality, and so on. This will help you frame the strategy better. Suppose, if your set of mega influencers on Instagram are majorly into video content then your strategy will need some video content curation plans.  

Step 5- Convey your brand objective and campaign plan to the mega influencers

Once you know whom to target and which influencers will lead your campaign, make sure you convey your campaign plan and objectives clearly. This will help you understand what to expect from the results of the campaign. Right from the kind of content you are looking for to the number of posts, everything needs to be decided. 

Step 6- Fix a budget for your mega influencer campaign

When collaborating with popular influencers, budgets can go high. Brand marketers need to decide the budget properly and choose influencers accordingly. Mega influencers can be heavy on the pocket but they come with a lot of advantages too. To avoid any clashes, make sure to discuss the budget well in advance with your chosen influencers. 

Step 7- Schedule your influencer campaign

After the planning stage, one needs to schedule the campaign smartly. This is very crucial because it can impact the success of your overall campaign. With the help of social media analytics tools, you can decide when you want to implement the campaign. Timing the campaign well can get you desired results. 

Step 8- Campaign analysis

Once your campaign goes on floors the real work begins and that is to analyse its performance. This is important because without campaign analysis you won’t know whether your brand goals and objectives are being met.

(Unbox Social tool’s solutions will not only give you reports for your campaign but will also help you conduct competition tracking)

Hope these steps will help you streamline your mega influencer campaign. Now let’s look at some top Instagram influencers.

Mega Influencers Examples


  • Mostlysane


top influencers

With a follower count of more than 3.5 million, Prajakta Koli aka Mostlysane is one of the biggest influencers on Instagram. The content creator comes with relatable videos that are entertaining to the core. Mostlysane also uses the stories feature on Instagram to the fullest to keep the audience engaged. 


  • Thatbohogirl


Instagram influencers

Kritika Khurana aka Thatbohogirl has a follower count of 1.1m. The popular influencer focuses on travel, beauty, and fashion. The influencer is not just active with images but also uses Instagram Reels smartly. Her feed is both informative and interesting. 


  • Komalpandeyofficial


top influencers

Drowned in the fashion niche, Komal Pandey enjoys a great fan following on Instagram. The influencer has 1.3m followers on the platform. With mind-blowing images and useful DIY videos, the popular influencer gets a lot of engagement on the platform. 


  • Fitmencook


mega influencers

Kevin Curry is an expert in cooking and fitness. The brilliant influencer posts delicious recipes that are healthy and full of flavours. In addition to food, Kevin also posts workout videos in breaks. The influencer enjoys a whopping follower count of 1.6m.


  • David Beckham


mega influencers

It’s not new to see celebrities on social media promoting different brands. While there are many celebrity influencers who are heavily active on Instagram as influencers, David Beckham is one of the most followed celebrities from the lot. The star enjoys a fan following of 65.6m.  

To frame an effective influencer marketing campaign make sure to explore Unbox Social’s influencer marketing solution. The tool allows you to discover influencers, evaluate influencers, and create reports. Additionally, the tool also has brand listening, influencer listening, brand safety, and benchmarking features. 

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!