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Where Is Your Instagram Marketing Headed in 2021?


Instagram is booming with upgrades this year. With TikTok like Instagram Reels and the Shopping feature, the platform is offering everything a brand needs to scale up its marketing moves. This has also made the platform extremely challenging. Even with so many interactive features, brands are struggling to come up with content that prompts a response from the user. 

The year 2020 has been full of ups and downs because of the pandemic but this has also increased screen time and social media usage in general. Instagram trends in 2020 involved a lot of video content. However, in the upcoming year, brands will have to be ready with their post-COVID plans. 

The primary task for brands now is keeping the followers hooked to the brand page. Content overload is a problem on Instagram and can make increasing followers a herculean task.

It’s good to go with the flow but a little update on what’s coming next for this engaging social media platform will surely not hurt! In this blog, we will tell you everything about Instagram trends for 2021

Along with the brands, Instagram influencers have also adapted to the new features of the platform successfully. This also has an impact on the way influencer marketing strategies are now structured. By now, brands have already figured out that authentic content is the only way to attract an audience. The biggest takeaway from Instagram trends of 2020 is the popularity of IGTV. 

Video content has taken over all forms of content on social media. Likewise, Instagram story trends have also changed quite a lot. 

The release of Instagram Reels further proved how crucial video content is for brands. 

From hashtag challenges to AR filters, brand managers are taking a lot of steps to set the tone for their brands on the platform but what out of all this actually works? And what is going to be relevant in the year 2021? Let’s find out.

Instagram Trends for 2021

1. Instagram Reels will rule


When Instagram launched its Stories feature, it was an instant hit with the users. The same is likely to happen with Reels. As we all know, Reels is already popular with Instagram users and this feature is going to dominate in the upcoming year. Brands have to now focus on how their Reels are performing because Reels can help you grow your audience base. 

See to it that your content strategy has enough for Reels. Reels are also crucial for influencer marketing on the platform. These short videos can either make or break your audience connection. Keep your Reels entertaining and to-the-point!

2. Instagram will remain crucial for influencer marketing


Brands that are going haywire with their influencer marketing strategy must rely on influencer marketing platforms and influencer marketing tools. Instagram is going to remain a crucial platform for the stated marketing strategy. 

Make sure your influencer selection is apt and relevant to your target audience. 

Moreover, before you implement your campaign on the platform research what’s trending on Instagram

Influencer management platforms can help you select relevant influencers for your brand campaign on Instagram.

3. Carousels with text and captions with limited text

Instagram is no longer just about selfie captions. Brands have always been posting images in a carousel format but now text on carousels is gaining a lot of attention. Be it conveying an informational piece or simply posting about your new product, carousels with text are likely to work in the year 2021. 

Having text on the post is better than long captions! Make sure you keep a close check on the font and font size when posting carousels with text on them. Make sure the text is readable and not cramped. Keep the sentences short and avoid jargon! 

The trend of long captions stayed for quite some time but because the users are spoilt for choice they give limited attention to long captions. 

4. Be active on the platform with your stories


You don’t have to necessarily post if you want to stay or appear active on Instagram. Sure Instagram analytics relies on the amount of content you post but with Instagram stories, you no longer need to do that. Keep a check on your Instagram stories insights to improve your content strategy. With the help of Instagram stories, you can play around with content because it offers a lot of flexibility and creativity. 

Brands can create polls on stories or simply ask questions to make the audience participate. Even if you do not want to post anything on your feed, stories will keep your brand visible on the platform. 

It is best to analyse Instagram audience insights to frame effective story content. 

5. User will stay on the Insta app because of the Shopping feature

Instagram usage is set to increase in the coming year because users now also have the shopping feature to browse. With Reels, the audience was already engrossed, and now with the Shopping feature, they have another reason to stay on the platform.  

This also means that brands have a big opportunity to increase their sales through the platform. 

With a surge in the number of influencers coupled with the shopping feature, brands are more likely to benefit. 

Brands need to make sure their account has the shopping option. 

6. Instagram is now going to become a hub for pre and post-sales activities


Apart from brand visibility and brand identity, Instagram will now be primarily used for connecting with the consumers. Brands that already have a set audience base on the platform will have to use the platform for improving their pre and post-sales activities. Be it responding to comments or simply replying to DMs, brands need to be responsive and provide assistance through the platform. This will help a lot in building brand credibility too. 

7. Take that music seriously!

Instagram stories with music work better as compared to stories without sound. Brands must keep this in mind when posting Instagram stories. Adding music or sound to your story will enhance the feel of your content. The user will be more attentive to the same! 

See to it that the music you choose blends with the content you have posted. 

8. Social listening will be extremely crucial


When it comes to examining the performance of your content on the platform most brands rely on Instagram engagement rate. But in the year 2021, social listening will become extremely important for brand marketing on Instagram. Social listening enables you to listen to conversations around your brand. This means you will know what your audience is talking about. Brand managers can take advantage of the same and frame content around the conversations. 

In the year 2021, the competition is set to rise even more on Instagram and social listening is the only way to crack down your competitors. 

Framing content around what your audience is interested in can positively impact your Instagram engagement rate

9. Getting on Instagram’s Explore Page will be a task but necessary


Users on social media are always on the lookout for new content. Apart from the feed, Instagram’s Explore Page exposes the audience to new content. Brands must take enough efforts to appear on the Explore Page because that will help in increasing brand visibility. 

The Explore Page works on relevance. 

For instance, if you are consistently liking travel posts then the Explore Page algorithm will show you more of travel content. This also means that brands can get exposed to a larger audience base if they get featured on the Explore section. 

This will matter a lot in the upcoming year because the Explore section displays Reels, feeds, Shopping feature posts, and videos all in one place. 

10. Going Live on Insta will become a norm

Red live neon sign vector

Thanks to the pandemic, most businesses connected with their audience with the Live feature on Instagram. This is set to rise in the year 2021. Until now, going live on Instagram was because of the limited offline events but come 2021, this is all set to become a norm. 

Right from workshops to product launch events, everything is going to go live majorly. This is because the brands now want to reach a larger audience and the Live feature helps achieve that. 

The live feature on Instagram can positively impact the engagement rate too. From influencers to businesses, everyone has to take this feature seriously if they want their audience to remain engaged. 

Well, apart from the trends listed, several Instagram ideas for 2021 will also have to revolve around the content presentation. Being a visual medium, brands will have to see how their content is looking on the platform. The way your brand feed looks will also matter along with the stated trends. Brands wanting to increase sales should focus more on appealing shoppable posts. Images that are appealing and generate a want will also enhance the look of your brand feed. 

Initially, brands wanted to appear exclusive on the platform but the upcoming year is all about being user-friendly and accessible. This has to reflect in your content too! 

Hope these 10 Instagram trends for 2021 will help you shape your content strategy. Read up on the blogs below to scale up your brand’s Insta game! 


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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!