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Brief Guide To Create Quality Instagram Content For Brand Marketing


A lot of content is being curated for Instagram by brands and businesses. Instagram is an inevitable platform for brand marketing and thus invites a lot of crowd. The platform is full of content creators, businesses, and content consumers which makes it extremely competitive.

To come up with engaging content on Instagram is a tough task because the audience is bombarded with a lot of content every minute. Creating content for Instagram is no longer restricted to posting perfect images or well-shot videos. 

Marketers have to actively use the new features of the platform to stay relevant. Additionally, influencer marketing has transformed this humble platform into a marketing hub. 

But with so many brands competing to attract the audience’s attention it can be rightly said that content curation is the biggest challenge for online marketing.

The pandemic and the introduction of new features on the platform have changed how audiences consume and respond to content on social media platforms. This has forced marketing professionals to change their strategies for the better. Initially, Instagram was second to Facebook when it came to marketing but now it is assumed to be on par with Facebook when it comes to brand marketing. 

The lockdown and the post-COVID phase has increased the audience on social media platforms and that also led to content saturation. To curate content for Instagram, one needs to analyse the audience interest and preference. Further, the rise of nano-influencers has given a twist to how audiences engage with brands on the platform. 

Having an Instagram marketing plan is the first step to market on the platform. But how do you create an effective content strategy that works well with the users? Let’s know about it in brief.

Influencer Content Strategy– Points to Remember

1-  Know what you want to achieve from the content

Once you plan your content for Instagram, make sure it has some Call to Action. This will      help you achieve your campaign goals and objectives. 

2- Focus on building your audience base

Even if you have a loyal audience base you must focus on increasing your audience. The more your audience the better is your content reach.

3- Let the audience know your brand voice

Brands on Instagram need to communicate their brand voice to their followers. This is the only way to differentiate your brand from the competition. 

4- Let the audience know your presence on other platforms

While creating Instagram content you should let your audience know that you exist on other platforms too. Instagram is the best platform to promote your brand’s social media presence. 

5- Keep a check on content trends

When brainstorming for Instagram content ideas make sure to keep a check on trends. The trends will help you understand what the audience is interested in and what is going on in your niche.

Once you start following these points while framing your Instagram marketing strategy it will be easier to curate content for the same. 

Instagram Content Ideas for Brand Marketing

1. Ask questions

On Instagram, you need to let your followers engage. The best way to get a response from your followers is to let them answer. Posts that question the users usually always work on this platform. Be it asking about your new product or simply asking a yes or no question, these replies will help you understand what your audience wants and expects from your brand.  Make sure you include questions in your Instagram content ideas

2. Posts that generate curiosity

Brands must be able to generate curiosity for their posts on Instagram. Suppose you are launching a new product make sure you have a countdown planned. This will keep the audience hooked to your profile and will encourage them to engage with your content. 

3. Create posts that are eye-pleasing 

Instagram started as a photo-sharing platform and even now there is a great emphasis on eye-pleasing posts. See to it that your posts are attractive and engaging. This does not mean you need to beautify them in every way. It simply means that the posts have to be appealing enough for the audience to engage with it. Having such posts will also increase its shareability. Brands can follow a colour scheme or a particular layout to keep their feed attractive. 

4. Post to convey something

The audience on Instagram is already swarmed with a lot of content and is constantly scrolling. Making the users stop and interact with your post is a big challenge. This is why it is best to post content that has something new to convey. It can be an informative post or a product launch teaser to let the audience know what’s coming up next and so on. 

5. Always encourage UGC

User-generated content works well in social media marketing. This not only gives your profile a much-needed variety but also conveys that your brand respects users’ creations. Additionally, user-generated content also helps in increasing reach and engagement. 

6. How-to videos work the best

Social media is flooded with information but information in the form of how-to videos still garner a lot of attention. Videos that are helpful will always attract more users because they gain something out of it. Social media users are no longer passive consumers of content they want value out of it and hence, informative videos are the best bet if you are not sure how to use Instagram effectively

7. Post behind-the-scenes videos and photos

Audiences are now curious about what goes on behind the scenes. Brands and businesses can post videos and images that convey how a product is made or how they execute a particular service. This not only helps the audience believe in your brand but also depicts how efficient a particular brand is.

8. Support a cause 

Most brands are socially aware and responsible. Supporting a particular cause will not only bring out the character of your brand but will also attract the audience that believes in the same. This helps in shaping brand identity too. Be it a CSR activity or posting about a particular cause that people are talking about, this can help you in many ways. 

9. DIY posts

Just like informational posts, even DIY posts are a hit on social media. Do-It-Yourself posts attract a lot of attention because they are problem-solving which keeps the audience engaged. Brands and businesses can post DIY videos and Reels which will help them gain a better reach on the platform.

10. Give your followers a challenge

Most of us have seen posts like the 21 Day Challenge. These posts keep the audience hooked to your Instagram posts and will also encourage them to interact. Having an audience that looks forward to your posts is the best way to keep your page active. Having a planned marketing activity like a ten-day challenge or a week-long challenge on Instagram keeps the followers connected with your brand. 

Now that you have 10 useful post ideas for Instagram content, let’s explore a few worthy Instagram content examples.

Instagram Content Ideas

1. IKEA India

instagram post

2. Sabyasachi

instagram post

3. MAC Cosmetics

instagram post

4. Forest Essentials

instagram post

5. Zomato

instagram post

Hope these above-mentioned brands will inspire you to create share-worthy Instagram content. Make sure you keep your Instagram profile consistent and charged up! The competition on the platform is hard to beat and only an engaging Instagram content strategy can save you. 

Before you grab your cup of coffee and start jotting down ideas, let’s explore Unbox Social’s solutions that can be helpful for your brand marketing plan. 

Unbox Social

1. Influencer Marketing                

influencer marketing

Unbox Social offers influencer marketing solutions for brands. Right from finding relevant influencers for your social media campaigns to evaluating them, the Unbox Social tool lets you do it all. Further, brands can also conduct brand safety checks and get reports from the platform. 

2. Competition Tracking

competition tracking

Brands need to keep a close eye on their industry competitors when it comes to social media marketing planning. The competition tracking solution on the Unbox Social tool will help you measure where your competitors are as compared to you. Know their strengths and weaknesses with help of the tool’s in-depth analysis. The tool also has Share of Voice and Sentiment Analysis features that will help you understand your audience and niche better. 

3. Social Media Analytics

social media analytics

The social media analytics solution on the tool helps you get audience insights, post and story insights, and in-depth advanced analytics for your social media presence. The data from the tool will help you frame effective social media strategies. 

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What is Unbox Social?

Unbox Social is a powerful tool that offers solutions for influencer search, social media analytics, and competition tracking. The platform helps you get in-depth social media performance data of your brands, campaigns, and competitors. Get detailed reports and implement the findings in your strategies to get the most out of your campaigns!

Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!