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Influencer Marketing in India 2021: Strategies + Examples


The celebrity culture in India is not stopping anytime soon and social media influencers in India have now earned this title. With the increasing number of social media users, the growth of influencer marketing in India is at an all-time high. Indian brands heavily relied on advertising to promote their products and services and the same theory has now shifted to social media. Moreover, brands that want to enter the Indian market are also implementing influencer marketing strategies. 

In the last few years, influencer marketing trends in India have changed drastically with regards to the way content is presented and the way campaigns are framed. Initially, the objective of most brands was to increase sales but now it is also about brand awareness. This has led to a transformation in the way campaigns are implemented for the Indian audience. 

Understanding influencer marketing in India is all about knowing your audience. With a diverse set of audience on social media, it is difficult to crack what works with the users and what kind of campaigns can fetch you the desired results. 

Though the success rate of influencer marketing in India is quite high, the competition is also difficult to crack which is why most brands fail to make a mark with their influencer campaigns.

In this blog, we’ll help you with everything related to influencer marketing in India.  

Understanding Influencer Marketing Industry In India

influencer marketing

The crux of influencer marketing remains the same all over the globe but there are a few things that are unique to the Indian market. Here are a few points to remember when implementing influencer marketing in India

1. There is a huge demand for unique brand content on social media

social media content

The want for content that is useful and entertaining has a great scope in the Indian market and brands must curate content that keeps the audience hooked. Collaborating with social media influencers in India can help your brand come up with interesting content that is more than just about selling the products. The rising number of users on social media platforms has further increased the demand for valuable content.

2. Influencer marketing trends in India have an impact on the audience’s buying decisions

social media for shopping

Social media has changed the way people shop. With the introduction of social media influencers in India, there is greater brand awareness for both established and upcoming brands. This has exposed the online audience to a lot of new products and services which has impacted the way they buy things. 

Influencers successfully generate a need for a product which helps in increasing its sales. Moreover, the secret lies in the way they present a particular brand to their audience. 

Additionally, social media influencers also expose the audience to new trends in different niches which further influences their buying decisions. 

3. Most users look up to influencers when it comes to forming brand perception

brands on social media

Both established and newly launched brands need to keep their brand perception positive and approachable. Social media is a tricky space and sometimes brands also have to tackle negative publicity. Influencer marketing in India will also help you shape your brand perception. Social media users look up to influencers when it comes to knowing about how a certain brand is. Be it a product review or posting about a CSR activity, all kinds of posts will influence the users to see your brand in a certain light.

4. Influencer marketing in India is the best way to connect with the audience

social media post

For the audience here, it is very important for a brand to be approachable and active on social media. With the help of social media influencers in India, you can stay connected with your target audience. Brands often frame interesting content strategies to improve audience engagement like giveaways, online contests, etc. 

Influencer marketing can also help you reach an unexplored audience set.

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned points let’s move on to creating influencer marketing strategies. 

Framing Strategies For Influencer Marketing In India

influencer marketing 2

Brands can gain a lot of advantage with influencer marketing in India because of the diverse audience and high usage of social media. However, framing the right influencer marketing strategy is also important to make space on these competitive platforms. Let’s look at how to curate an effective strategy for influencer marketing in India briefly.  

1. Know what you want to achieve from the influencer marketing campaign

The goals and objectives of your brand’s influencer marketing campaign need to be decided. This will help you frame the strategy effectively.

2. See which audience set you want to target

Once you decide the goals and objectives of your campaign keep in mind the target audience for your strategy. Every brand has a target audience and the audience selection also depends on what you want to promote. 

3. Choose the social media platforms to implement the influencer campaign

The audience analysis will tell you where most of your target audience is active. Choose social media platforms wisely by analysing your campaign needs. 

4. Select the social media influencers you want to collaborate with

The selection of social media influencers in India is very crucial because they are the ones who will be the face of your campaign. See whether they have a quality audience and the kind of content they curate. 

5. Prepare a campaign brief for influencers

The campaign brief you create for the influencers will be a roadmap to execute the strategy. The brief should include all the details about your campaign. Mention the content guidelines you expect them to follow, the timeline of the campaign, and all the other crucial details. 

6. Analyse the campaign performance 

Measuring the performance of your influencer marketing campaign is of utmost importance because it will tell you whether the brand is on the right track. The statistics will also tell you whether your strategy was effective. 

The growth of influencer marketing in India has given rise to many different content forms. Brands and influencers are constantly changing their content strategies to meet the needs of the audience. Let’s take a look at some influencer marketing trends in India which will help you frame better strategies. 

Influencer Marketing Trends in India

The changing algorithm of social media platforms has given rise to several new trends. Right from the way influencers are chosen to the way content is curated everything has transformed the influencer marketing industry in India. Let’s look at some of the trends-

1. Storytelling approach works the best for influencer marketing in India

Okhai social media content

To grab the attention of the masses, it is necessary to produce content that offers some value. Though India offers a diverse range of audiences, it is extremely difficult to keep them engaged. The storytelling approach works for influencer marketing in India because it not only tells the audience about the brand but also conveys the sentiment in the right manner. 

Brands often post about how the company was started, how they came up with the company name etc. Such posts help build a connection with the audience. You can also talk about your employees and their lives to get the users more involved. 

2. Video content fetches good engagement on most social media platforms

Sabyasachi video content

The best way to tackle the problem of the audience’s low attention span is to curate video content when it comes to implementing influencer marketing in India. The newly added features on different social media platforms also focus on video content. Opt for IGTV, Instagram stories, YouTube stories, Facebook stories, etc. to add more video content. 

The influencer marketing statistics in India show that videos are shared the most by users as compared to other content forms. Additionally, marketers have gained maximum ROI through video content.  

3. Micro-influencers are best suited for influencer marketing in India           

micro-influencer post

The audience was initially smitten and easily influenced by celebrity influencers but lately, micro-influencers have taken their place. Micro-influencers in India will help you promote your brand easily because of the credibility they enjoy in their niche. Social media users tend to find micro-influencers more authentic as compared to mega influencers. Additionally, micro-influencers are also more relatable to the general audience which makes them apt for campaigns. 

Most brand managers opine that collaborating with micro-influencers has given their brand higher engagement. 

4. Instagram rules the influencer marketing industry in India


Instagram is an inevitable social media platform for influencer marketing in India because it has a large audience base. Most brands rely on Instagram marketing to promote their products and services because Instagram also lets you curate a variety of content. The recently launched ‘Shopping’ feature has further led to an increase in the influencer activities on the platform. 

Also, Instagram is an apt platform for both short and long videos. The introduction of Instagram Reels has now given brands and users one more reason to be active on the platform. 

5. User-generated content takes centre stage in influencer marketing in India 

Canon Instagram post

Social media users are not just passively consuming whatever brands put out on the platform. Social media users are now curating content too. Influencer marketing in India has another element to look forward to and that is user-generated content. UGC has helped many brands with Instagram marketing. Giving the audience an opportunity to showcase their content can work wonders for your brand image. 

It also signifies that you value your audience’s inputs and efforts. 

The stated trends are here to stay and can make a huge impact on your influencer marketing strategies. Apart from the stated, it is also important to see how brands have implemented this strategy effectively.

Influencer Marketing Examples In India

1. Kaya Skin Clinics

Influencer post

Kaya Skin Clinics is active with its influencer marketing campaigns. The brand ropes in beauty influencers and skin experts to promote its products and services. Apart from influencer posts, the brand also hosts informative live sessions to solve users’ skincare queries.

2. Picchika

The popular brand that offers hand-painted floral sarees is extremely popular on Instagram. From celebrity influencers to micro-influencers, Pichhika actively collaborates with influencers. The luxurious brand curates carousel posts too that give valuable information to the audience. Picchika proudly posts its clients with its products which has helped them fetch good credibility. 

Picchika influencer post

3. The Man Company

Beauty and lifestyle brands that cater to women are heavily relying on influencer marketing in India but brands catering to men are also not behind. The Man Company offers premium products for men’s grooming and enjoys an amazing presence on Instagram. The brand ropes in celebrity influencers to promote its products. The brand heavily promotes its offers and product benefits on the platform. 

The Man Company influencer post

4. Lunch Box

The lockdown has given rise to many homegrown brands. One such upcoming food brand is Lunch Box. The newly launched brand offers homestyle meal combos that can be delivered at your doorstep. Lunch Box has gained a lot of fans in the lockdown phase and is roping in influencers from several tiers to promote its services. 

Lunch Box influencer post

5. Bigmuscles Nutrition

Just like fashion and lifestyle, the influencer marketing industry in India also has a lot of fitness brands. The fitness industry is heavily dependent on Instagram influencers in India. Bigmuscles Nutrition recently collaborated with a celebrity to market its product on Instagram. 

Bigmuscles Nutrition

We are sure these above-stated brands will inspire your upcoming influencer campaigns. Now to ease your influencer marketing planning let’s take a look at an influencer marketing platform in India

Unbox Social- Influencer Marketing Platform In India

The influencer marketing industry in India sure looks full of opportunities but it also has some underlying issues like fake influencers and influencers with fake likes! This is why it is best to use a dedicated influencer marketing platform to plan your strategies and campaigns. 

Unbox Social is an influencer marketing platform in India that helps you with influencer marketing, competition tracking, and social media analytics. 

Let’s take a look at its influencer marketing features.

1. Find influencers

The influencer marketing industry in India depends on what kind of influencers you choose for your brand campaign. The Unbox Social tool offers several features for influencer search. You can find influencers based on their niche, follower base, and many other elements. Further, the tool also has a ‘Smart Search’ feature that allows you to choose influencers based on mentions, hashtags, and captions. The glimpse below shows the ‘Smart Search’ feature of the tool wherein all the influencers who have used the hashtag ‘Organicfood’ are listed. 

Unbox Social influencer marketing platform

2. Evaluate influencers

In order to check whether the influencers you selected are reliable and authentic, the tool lets you conduct influencer evaluation. Get detailed influencer insights like followers, number of posts, interactions, and engagement rate. Further, also get insights on their audience wrt gender split, age, location, audience quality, interest, and interaction modes. 

The tool also provides post performance statistics to help you choose better. The glimpse of the tool below shows the location spread of an influencer’s followers. 

(This is a very crucial feature for influencer marketing in India)

Unbox Social influencer marketing tool

3. Get benchmarking reports 

The Unbox Social tool provides benchmarking reports to help you understand how your competitors are performing in their influencer marketing strategies. This helps you know whether you are on par with your competitors or your campaign needs improvement. 

The glimpse below shows the ‘Share of Voice’ feature of the tool that depicts the performance of competing brands.

Unbox Social influencer marketing tool1

4. Brand safety

The ‘Brand Safety’ feature of the tool helps you find whether your chosen influencers are in sync with your brand guidelines. See whether their posts fall in line with your brand ethos. This analysis will help you choose relevant influencers. 

Influencer marketing in India is all set to grow even more but what brands need to do is curate content that connects them with the audience. Keep in mind the digital persona of your brand and implement campaigns that cater to your target audience. 

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What is Unbox Social?

Unbox Social is a powerful tool that offers solutions for influencer search, social media analytics, and competition tracking. The platform helps you get in-depth social media performance data of your brands, campaigns, and competitors. Get detailed reports and implement the findings in your strategies to get the most out of your campaigns!

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!