User-Generated Content: Why Is It Important For Social Media Marketing


Content creation is not an easy task in today’s world because there is a high possibility that whatever you have created is already there on the internet. Brands are doing all they can to keep the audience engaged but they are surely coming up with a lot of repetitive content in different forms. The lockdown phase has increased the demand for content but creators are now falling short of ideas. Moreover, the shortage of content also impacts the brand’s social media performance. 

This is why brands have now understood the value of user-generated content. User-generated content or UGC not only helps the brand but also gives an opportunity to the audience to participate in your campaigns. 

Brands have realised the significance of user-generated content on social media only now. However, it is necessary to add that UGC has always proven to be the best way to entice action from the audience. 

Marketing on social media requires a dedicated audience base and a powerful content strategy. But with the help of user-generated content, you don’t need to stress about creating content because the users will do it for you!

Implementing a user-generated content strategy needs careful planning and scheduling. Make sure you have a dedicated audience base for the same. 

In this blog, we will help you understand the significance of user-generated content and how it can help you increase brand awareness and reach. 

Benefits of User-Generated Content


  • Gives you a break from content creation

Content saturation is real. With the help of user-generated content, you can get a variety of content for your brand without putting in much effort. This helps in brand engagement and also gives you a break from creating similar posts. 

  • Helps you know your audience

User-generated content will help you analyse your audience base. Once you implement a social media marketing campaign that requires UGC, you can detect who is your loyal audience base. The participation level will also tell you a lot about the audience quality. With this audience data, you will be able to understand whether you are targeting the right users for your products and services. 

  • UGC will inspire you in content creation

Many times, brand managers get inspired by UGC. This can help you frame interesting content strategies for the future. Moreover, it will also highlight what the audience is interested in. 

  • Helps you build rapport with your followers/audience

The audience needs to feel valued to engage with your brand. When you post their content as a part of your UGC campaign you make your followers feel connected to your brand. This can help you build a strong rapport with your followers. Additionally, this will encourage them to look and engage with your posts. 

  • Increases brand visibility 

Featuring UGC will increase your page views to a great extent. This helps in improving brand visibility and reach too which in turn, can increase the follower count. 

The above-mentioned benefits of user-generated content can surely scale up your brand identity on social media. However, it is important to note that executing a user-generated campaign requires strict monitoring. Make sure the content being generated and sent by your followers is in sync with your campaign goals, objectives, and guidelines. 

Why is User-Generated Content So Important Now?

user-generated content

1. Increase in the number of content creators

The audience is no longer passively receiving content but is also interested in creation. UGC campaigns work amazingly well in today’s times because most social media users are also content creators in one way or another. This ensures you will always have some set of followers who are interested in participating in such campaigns. 

2. Desire to feature on a brand’s social media page

The rise in the popularity of digital creators has increased the desire of featuring on brand pages. This further encourages users to participate in UGC campaigns. Moreover, the number of content creators on social media is increasing day by day which assures the success of such campaigns. 

3. Easy on the pocket

Social media marketing campaigns can sometimes be expensive. If you are looking to implement an inexpensive campaign UGC is the best way to do the same. User-generated content requires minimum investment but guarantees a high ROI which is apt for the current times. 

4. The necessity to stay connected with the users

Just like users, even brands need user-generated content to make the audience feel wanted. Posting content created by the users will also increase their will to stay connected with your brand and this creates a base of dedicated followers. 

User-Generated Content Examples

Several brands have made optimum use of user-generated content for their brand marketing on social media. Let’s check out a few brands that are implementing this strategy successfully.

   1. Apple


  2. Airbnb


  3. Dunkin

user-generated content

  4. GoPro


  5. Canon


Want to know about the top UGC campaigns? Read here. (This blog will give you some amazing user-generated content ideas!)

We’ve told you all about the advantages of coming up with a UGC campaign but there are a few things you must always keep in mind when doing so. 

Mistakes to Avoid When Executing a User-Generated Content Strategy

  • Not taking the necessary permissions to use the creators’ content

Remember! The content you repost or feature on your page that is not created by you requires you to take permission from the creator. Make sure you give them credit for the same and ask for their permission before going ahead with the post. 

  • Not marketing your UGC campaign enough

Participation is necessary for the success of UGC campaigns. If you don’t promote your campaign well you won’t receive much participation and that will kill the purpose of your campaign. 

  • Not setting the guidelines

See to it that you have laid down strict guidelines for your UGC campaigns. Brands receive several entries for their campaigns and to monitor fairly you need a few guidelines in place. Right from the steps to enter the campaign to certain rules that must be adhered to, brands must convey the same to their followers. 

  • Not implementing what’s promised to the participants

Brands often promise giveaways and features as a part of their social media marketing strategy and this also goes for UGC campaigns. Make sure you stand true to your claims! If you plan to give freebies to the campaign winners and feature their work, make sure you do the same. Not doing so, will break the users’ trust and can negatively impact your brand image.

  • No follow-up during the ongoing campaign and promotion

Brands must communicate with their followers regularly to keep them engaged with the upcoming campaign. Create polls to know their opinions or simply create a countdown to keep up the curiosity level of the audience. Make sure you occasionally feature some of the entries so that others are equally enthusiastic about sending their creations!

Along with the stated, it is also important to check the performance of your brand strategy. Tools like Unbox Social have dedicated features for social media analytics that help you gauge the performance of your brand on different social media platforms. The social media analytics solution from Unbox Social will give you audience data, post data, and lots more! These in-depth insights will help you create result-oriented campaigns.

Hope this guide on UGC campaigns will help you create a successful strategy. Check out a few more blogs that will help you leverage social media platforms effectively.

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