How To Start A Social Media Marketing Agency Going Into 2019

how to start a social media marketing agency going into 2019

The number of social media users globally, at the beginning of 2018 was around 3 billion. With a 13 percent year on year growth in the numbers, you can imagine how important it is for brands to have a social media presence.

Because there are 100s of agencies providing social media services, going in 2019- start with a focus on providing services to one particular industry/sector – be it entertainment or sports or IT etc. Then a few months down the line, spread slowly and steadily across other sectors.

In this context, growing social media usage has pushed brands to invest in a good Social Media Marketing Agency that can help them scale up. With a view to focus on larger business goals, brands are bringing in third party social media marketing agencies. Hiring a third party team of experts sometimes works better for brands than involving an entire unit.

As a result, starting a Social Media Marketing Agency has become one of most the lucrative business ideas.

You too can start your own social media marketing agency going into 2019 and make the most of the booming demand.

Here’s our comprehensive guide on how you can start a Social Media Marketing Agency in 2019:

  • Assess your social media expertise and scale up on your skills:

Whether you are a one man army or a team of professionals, you need to be a seasoned social media marketing expert. Before you approach a brand with your social media services, you should assess where you stand. Study the in demand skills in the industry and scale up on your skills accordingly.

Identify the top-demand services in the industry. Do you have the skills and expertise that are in demand? Are you equipped enough to provide social media marketing solutions?

When you pitch to a potential client, your social media skills act as a source of credibility. SEO marketing, knowledge of analytics tools, content marketing etc. are some of the top skills in demand in the industry. If you want to start a social media agency in 2019, having an expertise in these aspects is essential. Many brands are on the lookout for solutions regarding these aspects of their social media plans.

  • Build your portfolio of services

Based on your/your team’s skill sets and levels of expertise, build a portfolio of services that you would want to offer to your target audience. You need a portfolio of services to build and execute your business strategies. You cannot approach brands without clarity on the solutions that you are willing to offer.

Do you offer a social media analytics tool? Do you specialise in providing content marketing solutions? OR do you offer both these solutions?

Offer a solution which is not being offered by other rival

Also, you will have to set the price for each of the solutions or packages that you are offering. Having a portfolio will provide clarity in this aspect as well.

  • Set Up Your Website


Social media marketing agency, Setting up social agency business website

Once you have built your portfolio of services, it is time to go live. Gone are the yellow pages’ days when people would scan through pages to find information on a company.  Today, all your potential clients expect a website to gather more information about your company.

Create your company website with all the details about the services that you offer, about your/your team’s expertise along with contact details. Your website should also provide information on the pricing of your social media services.

Add icons to your social media channels- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. on your website, which takes us to our next point.

  • Create Your Social Media Accounts

As a social media marketing agency, it is very essential for you to have social media presence. It is not going to leave a very good impression on your clients if you are not live and active on social media.

Social media channels provide just the right platform to market your services. Demonstrate your expertise as well as creativity through your social media posts.

Since you will be serving mostly to brands, presence on a B2B oriented platform such as LinkedIn is essential. Other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. also come with features and tools that can help you enhance your presence.

  • Set Up Your Blog

Social media marketing agency, Blog for website

Set up your blog on your website. It can help you go a long way in establishing your subject matter expertise in social media marketing. Publish articles that demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in the field.

Tips and how-to articles, case studies and detailed client testimonials as well as coverage on latest trends. There is a lot you can do on your blog.

You can add a call to action button on your website homepage that leads visitors to the blog. Your blog will be your source of expertise and credibility as a social media marketing agency.

  • Start Approaching and Pitching

Now that you you are live, both on social media and on the world wide web, it’s time for you to start approaching potential clients. But to whom should you pitch and how?

In the nascent stages, it can be a quite a daunting task to frame the perfect pitching strategy. Whether you are offering a social media analytics tool or a social media reporting tool, you should start out small. Approach small companies to test the waters.

Cold mailing is one of the ways you can use to pitch to potential clients. Use LinkedIn to pitch to your target audience. Send out well crafted messages to prospects with details about the services you are offering and links to your website.

You may also offer a free trial to potential clients. A free trial provides your prospects with the scope to build confidence in your product.

  • Develop a Social Media Strategy

Social media marketing agency, social media strategy

Earlier, we talked about having social media presence. But, just having social media accounts will not be enough to build presence. You need to actively post content on various social media platforms to create awareness about your product and establish your expertise.

Leverage the features and tools offered by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. to create content that increases your outreach and generates engagement. Post consistently to keep the engagement rates up and generate potential leads.

  • Have Social Media Tools

It is important to have social media tools that help make your job easier. You can use automation tools, photo editing tools etc.

You must monitor your performance using social media analytics tools and social media reporting tools.

Unbox Social offers a comprehensive social media analytics tool. With this tool, you can analyse your social media performance and get customised social media reports.

You can shape your social media strategy in response to your social media reports for an optimum performance.

  • Keep Up With Social Media Trends

Like any other field, in the domain of social media marketing too, it is important to keep up with social media marketing trends. You should be on top of the latest features and/or tools introduced on the various platforms.

You should be well versed with the ongoing and upcoming trends. As a social media marketing agency, you should offer solutions that take all the latest trends and features into account.

Live videos, Influencer marketing, Augmented Reality and direct shopping on social media platforms are some of the trends that are going to go strong in 2019. You should always be well versed with social media trends, while also keeping an eye on your rivals’ performance.


As 2018 draws to a close, the social media industry, given how dynamic it is , keeps undergoing changes. If you are looking at starting a social media marketing agency in 2019, you need to follow a step by step strategy.

Here’s a short snapshot of how you can do that:

  • Weigh your competencies in this field and scale up on your skills to match industry standards
  • Build a portfolio of your services to gain clarity on what you are going to offer
  • Create your website
  • Create your social media presence across various platforms
  • Set up your blog with articles on your expertise
  • Pitch clients and approach them using emails and social media platforms like LinkedIn
  • Start posting content actively on all social media channels, meanwhile analysing your performance
  • Keep a watch on all the latest social media trends in the industry



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