How To Reach Your Target Audience Using Video Marketing

A common mistake made by businesses and brands using video marketing as a vital component of their content marketing strategy is assuming that their audience has access to YouTube or indeed any other video-viewing platform. Although a study suggests that 78% of people watch online videos every week, only a tiny fraction might be interested in what you sell.

If that is the case, you should channel your energy into satisfying your target audience. Think of ways to bond deeply with this special slice of the online audience.

It is important that you focus on your target audience because only those special individuals will watch your online videos to learn more about your product. 

Did you know that 95% of the most-watched videos on YouTube are music videos? 

This further stresses the fact that you shouldn’t target the general audience, as not everyone who’s seeing a video online is doing so to find out more about a product. You need to focus on certain specific segments of the audience that are relevant to your brand.

While focusing on your target audience, you should know how to speak directly with them. 

And here’s how you can do that. 

Use Social Media Intelligence Tools 

Every video channel presents ways of directing videos at a specific audience. You could utilize Google Adwords for targeted promotion of videos on YouTube. This cause is further helped by the fact that Google now owns YouTube.

YouTube offers a host of demographic targeting tools, but its default is set as targeting video to “all users.” You can make use of its refining tools to define demographics, interests, affinity groups, and placement groups to best reach your target market.

Facebook targets its audience in a unique way, utilizing what is known as “engagement custom audience.” If activated, Facebook will automatically show more of your videos to the section of the audience responsible for most of your views. Did you know that native videos on Facebook have ten times higher reach than YouTube links?

Speak the Language of the Audience

The importance of speaking in the language of your audience cannot be overestimated. It is quite a logical conclusion. 

Think about it: 

If your company is filled with middle-aged men and your target market is a group of teenage girls who purchase female hygiene products, would you be able to talk like them?

Don’t think so.

This is where a good video marketing strategy plays a role, and none other than a professional can help you get the very best. Experienced video marketers are trained to single out the language of your target market and incorporate it into their videos in a seamless, natural, and very professional manner.

Using this example, an experienced video marketer would know what words to use and what not to use. They can better relate with the target audience and hence are in a better position to make good video content.

Find Their Favorite Video Format and Stick to It

Perhaps the most important tip in reaching your target audience is exploring several video formats and sticking with one that deeply resonates with them.

You do that by balancing customer demographics and how people use your products.

The following are examples of video formats that establish some form of connection with a particular set of audience.

  • Humor videos – They are a killer idea if your company’s goal is promoting followership. This is because they build a wide audience very quickly through sharing on social platforms. If so, you should concentrate on making skits, parodies, or any other funny formats. 
  • Behind-the-scenes videos – This video format resonates more with skeptics and B2B audiences. Let the audience get a glimpse of your daily operations, including the production process. If your product is a natural fruit juice drink, give the audience a sneak peek into the materials used, emphasizing the fact that no additives or sugars were used. Variations of this format include case studies and testimonials.
  • How-to videos – These video formats work best with customers who like taking on new challenges. It is a video format mostly used by businesses that are into beauty products, gadgets, and fitness gear among others.
  • Animation/Motion videos – This video format is perfect for customers who need education or motivation. This includes new customers, salespeople, bloggers, and students. Since educational videos can get boring with time, using animations can help the audience learn in a simplified and better relatable manner.

Studying demographics is a very important factor in reaching your target audience. Results from your demographic study will give you a better idea of their ages, gender, appeal, and language.

You can also use a reliable social media analytics tool such as Unbox Social to understand the audiences’ response to your video content. Further, you can dig deeper into the demographics of your audience, to get a better hang of their composition. 

Here’s a snapshot of the data that Unbox Social helps you derive- 

Unbox Social

Having said that, it is important that you utilize relevant social media tools. The number of brands incorporating video marketing in their overall content marketing strategy is on the rise, and only the most effective strategies can get proper lead conversions.

Making use of tools like Google Adwords, Unbox Social and Facebook will help you put your products in front of your target audience and your brand names on their lips. Take a look at the detailed infographic below for a clearer insight into successful video marketing strategies.

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