How To Measure Facebook Analytics In 2019

how to measure facebook analytics in 2019

If you are a brand or business, then your presence on Facebook is extremely vital for reaching out to your target audience. Each brand aims to post content with a view to promote their business among Facebook users. You put in an effort to curate and create content, but how do you know if the posts that you put on Facebook are getting you the desired response?

With the help of insights and information, even passive interactions can be converted to active conversations. Likes and comments are not the only parameters to measure your outreach. There are many other factors like – the response of your audience towards specific posts, the demographics of your audience, your performance in comparison with competing brands, the most popular types of posts etc. It is important to track these to understand what is contributing to your social media growth and what might not.  

But what determines how your content is being received by Facebook users? How many users are actually consuming your content? Or how many of them are responding to it, in one way or another? All of these questions can easily be answered by taking a look at your analytics. 

Advanced analytics tools can help you unveil crucial data about your brand and make fool-proof, well-informed decisions for your business.

Facebook analytics tools can help your brand or business make the most of social media campaigns.

How can you leverage Facebook analytics tools to enhance your business or brand?

Whether you are an events management company, clothes retail company, or a B2B brand, it is very important for you to constantly monitor your performance. Get a grasp of how your audience is responding to your content.

Facebook analytics tools are extremely helpful in extracting data that will help understand audience behaviour. Apart from that, Facebook analytics tools also help brands get a holistic understanding of how your brand is faring on the platform.

You need to make note of the various important metrics or parameters, all of which help determine how your brand’s page on Facebook is doing. These include both organic and paid reach for your posts, the number of likes on your posts, referral traffic and other Facebook metrics that must be taken into consideration by social media teams.

A powerful social media analytics and reporting tool can come handy here. And it can help you measure and analyse the performance of your social media profiles. Through Unbox Social, you can derive information and insights on all your Facebook activity.

Unbox Social captures an overview of your performance on Facebook, your page engagement, follower growth, audience insights and post-wise analytics.

On the overview page, you can find your total Facebook fans and unfans, impressions, analytics of paid posts, views by referrals etc.

Facebook analytics tool

You can head to the ‘Page Engagement’ section, to uncover insights about your reactions, Overall positive and negative feedback, and much more.

Facebook engagement metrics

Unbox Social takes it a notch higher by providing information about the demographics of your audience as well. From their age & gender skew, geographical location, to  peak activity time for the followers, unbox the most comprehensive insights on your Facebook page performance, by using this tool.

Audience analytics for Facebook

Most importantly, Unbox Social lets you uncover your post-wise analytics as well. For a good social media strategy, it is important to keep track of how each of your posts are faring on the platform. Here’s a snapshot of how your post-wise analytics will look like:

Facebook post-wise analytics

This part of the Unbox Social Facebook analytics tool allows you to understand what kind of content draws more engagement. You can take inspiration from your most popular posts for developing a winning content creation strategy.

Another way to go is with Facebook. It  has its own tool for tracking Facebook analytics for pages. It is free of cost and available to all businesses that have pages on Facebook. Providing holistic insights to businesses about page visitors, target audience and other information along the various essential metrics on the platform, Facebook insight is equipped with many features that will help brands perform efficiently.
Facebook Insight comes with a dashboard which is split into 6 sections. The Overview section provides a rundown on the performance of your page within that week, with a focus on 3 core areas – Page likes, engagement and post reach. This Facebook analytics tool also allows you to compare your performance with that of other businesses similar to yours.

Facebook analytics tool for pages, Facebook insights

Then there is the Page Likes section, which shows the daily number of likes over a period of 28 days, net likes and an analysis of where the likes have happened. This Facebook analytics tool also helps you track your reach, or how your post was served to people, covering an analysis of your paid and organic reach, positive and negative engagement, and the total reach.

Facebook also gives you the option of posting for a targeted audience.

The visits section gives you an insight into how many people clicked on the different tabs on your page and the number of times people came to your page through external links. Other features of this Facebook analytics tool allow you to get an insight into the reach per post, the best time to post as also the analytics about page fans, the demographics and the people reached.


Businesses are investing their time and money on Facebook pages and all the content that goes there. Without monitoring the performance and response of your business, you will not be able to match up with the expectations of your audience.

This calls for a Facebook analytics tool for pages to track your performance across various metrics and accordingly develop a strategy for your page.

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