How Can A Brand Find The List Of Most Relevant Influencers In India?

Influencer Marketing has been at its peak throughout the year 2019 and will keep growing through the upcoming years too. What started as a marketing technique a few years ago, is a 5-10 billion dollar industry today. 

Top brands such as Coca Cola and Daniel Wellington have employed Influencer marketing as a part of their social media strategy. In fact, Influencer marketing has played a very important role in helping Daniel Wellington transcend from a small $15,000 company to a $220 millions-profit earning brand in a matter of just 5 years. 

Daniel Wellington Instagram Influencer Marketing

Out of 78% of marketers that employed Influencer marketing to enhance brand awareness, 81% of them found it to be effective. 

Finding and connecting with relevant influencers has become a daunting task for brands. The task doesn’t end here. Finding relevant Influencers is also about looking for Influencers who belong to the niche category that aligns with your brand objectives. Next is, understanding their engagement and interaction capacity. And eventually, know, how they bring forth the brand in the face of the audience. 

Influencers and influencer marketing leaves a larger and endearing impact on your audience for the fact that the audience can connect with the Influencers. 

89% of brands say that ROI on Influencer marketing is better than other marketing channels.

They think of Influencers as one of them and not as celebrities. Influencers affect the lifestyle and purchase decisions of their target audiences. In this sense, Influencer marketing helps you generate a valuable impact on your target audience. 

Carry out influencer marketing campaigns to build brand awareness, generate engagement and expand your follower base in the process. 

In order to find the right and relevant influencers for your brand, fortunately, Unbox Social is there to help you out. The Influencer Suite by Unbox Social has got you sorted. Here’s a quick guide to help you leverage this Influencer marketing platform- 

Identify your social media goals 

Identifying your social media goals and objectives, and aligning your social media strategy to the same outcome is important for building an effective presence on social media platforms.  

Whether your brand needs to build awareness, generate engagement, expand follower base or make an announcement or create a buzz through the platform, knowing the objective will help you chose the best lot of influencers from across tiers-  micro, macro, and nano-influencer; as well as categories.

Aligning their niche to your brand objectives comes in hand while you are laying down your social media goals.

Also, ensure you’re keeping your audience in mind while identifying your social media goals.  

Find the Influencers in your niche 

To get started with finding the influencers from 5000+ influencers on the tool, filter down your requirements. 

Choose the platform for which you need your influencers for: Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter and then select the category or niche for which you want to find Influencers.

The category/niche of the Influencer maybe Fashion, Beauty, Hair & Care, Actor, Anchor, Fitness, and more. 

The category of the Influencer should align with your brand image. In order to strike the chord with your audience and truly leverage the power of an Influencer collaboration, you need to follow due diligence. Find Influencers who are a suitable match for not just your brand but also fit into your campaign. 

Use Basic Demographic Filters 

With the Influencer marketing platform by Unbox Social, you can add demographic filters including the location and gender of the Influencers. 

Select the city from where you want your Influencer to be. Further, you can add gender filters if you have any preferences. With these filters, you can pick the appropriate set of Influencers for your brand. 

Check For Influencer Experience

Influencer marketing can reap benefits for your brand. It is convenient and sensible to collaborate with Influencers who have had experience relevant to your brand.

With this Influencer marketing tool, you can look at the different Influencers who have worked for specific brands. To do this, you can look up relevant brand names in the ‘Brand Check’ tab. 

Brand Check

So, for instance, you may want to check as to which Influencers have worked with ‘Nike’? 

The tool will provide you with a list of all the Influencers who have worked with the said brand.

Influencer List - Unbox Social

Take help of Insights to make a final decision

While you’ve already found a list of influencers and selected them on the basis of your brand’s requirements, it’s time to lock the list with validated data. 

The Influencer Suite provides you with all the important insights about Influencers, including engagement rates, average interactions, and total followers. 

When you are recruiting an Influencer for your brand, it is important to look at their engagement rates and average interactions. Looking at their follower base alone, will not make for a very wise decision. 

An Influencer with a good engagement rate is likely to bring more impact than one who has a bigger follower base but a comparatively low engagement rate. The idea is to focus on quality over quantity. 

These metrics further help you in creating and carrying out your Influencer marketing campaign. 

Hence, don’t move ahead without analyzing their individual performance. 

Not only does the Influencer Suite help you find the relevant influencers but also in managing and monitoring your Influencer Marketing Campaigns. 

Creating, Managing and Monitoring Influencer Marketing Campaigns 

You can create a clear-cut influencer marketing campaign by giving away detailed briefs. Establish your brand’s objectives in your brief such that Influencers can achieve what you want. 

Campaign Brief

This easy-to-use proprietary tool lets you share important campaign details with your Influencer partners. This includes the platforms that you want them to target, specific hashtags that you want them to cover, and the relevant time periods for which you want them to carry out the campaign. 

By evaluating your Influencer marketing campaigns, you can identify all the gaps in your campaigns and fix them accordingly. 

With the Influencer Reports, you can pull out detailed analyses of your campaigns. Know how your Influencer partners are performing, capture audience reactions and responses to social campaigns and measure relevant KPIs.

In order to make the most out of your Influencer marketing campaigns, you need to be well-versed with how your campaigns are performing. 

Summing It Up! 

Influencer Marketing is one of the most efficient tactics to help you grow your brand and build a relationship with your audience. In order to help you reach out to your audience, find the right and relevant influencers with Unbox Social’s Influencer Suite. Here’s a quick recap of how to find the right influencers in India: 


  • Choose the platform you need influencers for/from. 
  • Select the category of Influencers that are best suitable for your brand.
  • Narrow down your search by filtering the buckets of location, follower base, and engagement of influencers.
  • Carry out a brand-check for your influencers to know how they’ve performed for a competitive/similar brand as of yours.
  • Monitor the performance of each influencer with their insights.



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