Facebook Analytics: 6 Key Metrics That Actually Matter!

Facebook analytics 2020

The global user base for Facebook is going to touch 1.69 billion in 2020. As such, building a presence on Facebook is extremely vital for reaching out to your target audience. With Facebook Analytics, you can uncover the vital data behind your performance on the platform. After all, you are putting in an effort to curate and create content, but how do you know if the posts that you put on Facebook are getting you the desired response? 

With the help of insights and information, even passive interactions can be converted to active conversations. Likes and comments are not the only parameters to measure your Facebook marketing efforts. There are many other factors like – the response of your audience towards specific posts, the demographics of your audience, your performance in comparison with competing brands, the most popular types of posts etc. It is important to track these to understand what is contributing to your social media growth and what might not.  

But what determines how your content is being received by Facebook users?

How many users are actually consuming your content?

And how many of them are responding to it, in one way or another?

All of these questions can easily be answered by taking a look at your Facebook analytics. 

An advanced Facebook analytics tool can help you unveil crucial data about your brand and make fool-proof, well-informed decisions for your business.

Facebook analytics can help your brand or business make the most of social media campaigns.

How to Leverage Facebook Analytics For Business?

Whether you are an events management company, clothing retail company, or a B2B brand, it is very important for you to constantly monitor your performance. Get a grasp of how your audience is responding to your content with the help of a reliable Facebook Analytics tool. 

Extract data that will help you understand audience behavior, using a Facebook analytics tool and get a holistic understanding of how your brand is faring on the platform.

You need to make note of the various important metrics or parameters, all of which help determine how your brand’s page on Facebook is doing. 

A powerful social media analytics and reporting tool can come in handy here. Unbox Social offers an advanced social media analytics tool for Facebook that allows you to dig deeper into all the data underlying your page performance. 

In this blog, we will take you through the different steps to follow for carrying out an in-depth analysis of your Facebook page with Unbox Social.

6 Key Facebook Metrics to Track

1) Monitor Follower Growth

Keep an eye on your follower growth on Facebook. By watching out for any fluctuations in your follower growth, you can alter your strategy to maintain momentum.

Facebook Analytics by Unbox Social helps you get a day-wise analysis for your follower growth. This data is crucial in helping you figure out what’s working for your brand and what isn’t.

Facebook Analytics

With the help of this Facebook Analytics tool, you can track your follower growth as well as your page fans and unfans.

2) Brand Reach on Facebook

Uncover your brand reach on Facebook with the aid of vital insights including views, reach and impressions. Unbox Social makes your job easier by offering an in-depth analysis of these metrics.

Here are snapshots from the tool:

Facebook Analytics Tool for Business

Facebook Analytics Tool

Not only does Unbox Social allow you to capture your impressions and reach, but it also bifurcates these into paid, viral, organic and the total reach and impressions. Further, the tool provides you with insights on your page views and the referral sources for your views.

3) Facebook Page Engagement 

Find out whether your content is strong enough to drive engagement with the help of in-depth insights derived from this Facebook Analytics tool.

Facebook Engagement

The engagement vs. consumptions insights represents the total number of interactions on your page, including interactions on your content as compared to the interactions received on your Facebook page.

You can also get a day-wise analysis of the interactions that are happening on your Facebook page.

Facebook Page Interactions


4) Top Posts to Promote

Unbox Social’s Facebook Analytics makes your job easier by providing you with a set of posts that you can promote on Facebook. Based on an analysis of all the audience interactions around your content, this Facebook Analytics tool tells you which posts are more likely to perform well and bring traction by promoting them.

Facebook Analytics Insights

5) Audience Insights

Unbox Social takes it a notch higher by providing information about the demographics of your audience as well. From their age & gender skew, geographical location, to peak activity time for the followers, unbox the most comprehensive insights on your Facebook page performance, by using this tool.

Further, you can figure out what sentiment your content and campaigns are evoking on Facebook, all with the help of this Facebook Analytics tool.Facebook Page Sentiment

6) Post-Wise Analytics

Most importantly, Unbox Social lets you uncover your post-wise analytics as well. For a good social media strategy, it is important to keep track of how each of your posts is faring on the platform. 

With Facebook analytics by Unbox Social, you can make sense of how your Facebook posts are performing. To begin with, this tool provides you with insights into the total number of different types of reactions received on your Facebook content.

Facebook Analytics Tool Insights

The tool aids you with actionable insights about your content, using which you can build fruitful Facebook marketing strategies.

Facebook Analytics 2020

Further, the tool lays out vital data for every post you push out on your Facebook page, including the interactions, reactions, comments, reach, impressions and shares.

This part of Facebook Analytics by Unbox Social allows you to understand what kind of content draws more engagement and interactions and what doesn’t. These insights can help direct your future content and campaign strategies. 

Wondering how your content is faring on Facebook?
Dig deeper into your brand’s performance on Facebook with in-depth intelligence and insights by Unbox Social.


Businesses are investing their time and money on Facebook pages and all the content that goes there. Without monitoring the performance and response of your business, you will not be able to match up with the expectations of your audience. 

This calls for a Facebook analytics tool for pages to track your performance across various metrics and accordingly develop a strategy for your page. The data derived from Facebook analytics allows you to make more well-informed decisions for your business and helps you improve productivity.

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