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How to Use Facebook Messenger to Grow Your Business

Facebook Messenger for business

Facebook is one of the most widely used platforms today. In fact, there are more than 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook today. At the same time, there are close to about 50 million businesses on Facebook. Imagine competing against so many brands when the Facebook algorithm has already made it difficult for your posts to appear before your target audience. The competition for organic reach is already very high, and while Facebook Ads can be helpful, Facebook has another feature meant for businesses. Brands use Facebook Messenger to enhance their brand image and build a good relationship with customers.

What seemed like a mere extended app for chatting on Facebook, where people can interact with one another, is now a very important feature. Yes, the use of the Facebook Messenger goes beyond just catching up with relatives or chatting with friends and family.

Moreover, the consumers today come with the expectation of getting their needs and demands fulfilled quickly, and in real time. Especially if they are dealing with businesses miles apart. Users that prefer mobile messaging apps are increasing day by day. According to Facebook, by the end of 2018, the number of smartphone users utilizing the messaging services would have gone up to 78%.

Driven by the natural tendency for staying connected with fellow human beings, messaging has become an essential part of communicating with businesses as well.

Why is Facebook Messenger important for the growth of your business?

Facebook Messenger gives you the opportunity to connect with your audience, build a rapport with them and prepare the ground for better and longer-term relationships with them. Since people have a strong inclination for interpersonal interactions, if you are not using Facebook Messenger already, then you definitely should start doing so.

Facebook Messenger has opened the gates and made the entire customer service process easier for both the parties. It goes beyond the typical, conventional methods of communication between you and your audience.

Facebook points towards a shift to a mobile service economy by 2020. What this means for you as a business is that, there are shifting trends in consumer behaviour favouring purchasing experiences that are quick, easy and convenient. With Facebook Messenger, many businesses are already offering expedient and hassle-free experiences to customers.

Now, with Facebook Messenger, you can enhance your overall social media strategy. Not only can you ensure an enhanced customer services experience, but you can also sell your products with a mere tap of a button.

Let us suppose that you have a small scale e-commerce platform offering sports gear- equipment and apparel. With Facebook Messenger, whenever a customer buys any product or wants to purchase a product from your brand, they will automatically be offered the option to ask questions about their orders. So whenever your customers wish to make any forms of inquiry before or after the purchase of a product, Facebook Messenger chatbots will help ensure a streamlined experience for them.

Thus, Facebook Messenger for business allows you to make the most of the platform to build a relationship of trust and loyalty with the customers.

How Facebook Messenger can help you ensure a great experience for customers?

As we talked about it before, Facebook Messenger can host various chatbots for automated customer services experiences and other tools. These Facebook Messenger chatbots automate the entire sales process and post-purchase conversations with customers. The shortens your sales cycle.

Whether it is queries about the status of a shipment or the launch of a new product, the Facebook Messenger with the help of hosted chatbots, provides a personalised experience. Hence, the more personalised the experience, the happier your customers.

The age of Mobile-commerce

Mobile commerce is fast becoming the most convenient and preferred way of shopping today. Shop with a click or two is what the audience prefers today. Platforms like Instagram are already offering customers quick purchase experiences through easy, in-app pathways.

Facebook Messenger, keeping with the trend of m-commerce offers customers a similar purchase experience. Now customers can make purchases or book appointments or avail services by simply clicking on a button or two. With the help of Facebook Messenger, the entire shopping experience has become speedier on the mobile. This means that customers will come back to this platform for the same convenient and fast shopping pathway. This feature of Facebook Messenger works as an advantage for you and helps in converting more and more users into customers.

Efficient, quick customer service

Customer service on facebook

When customers use this platform to make purchases, they have numerous expectations from you, as a brand. They believe that each and every query that they pose to you should be responded to as quickly as possible and with detailed solutions to their problems.  Facebook Messenger for your business can be used to make sure that your customers are satisfied by the end of their purchase.

By doing so, you earn the loyalty of each customer and build a strong, huge customer base.

What’s more, through Facebook Messenger you can collate and manage information about your customers. You can maintain the entire history of conversations with different customers through Facebook Messenger. Following up with different customers becomes easier and convenient, ensuring a well-managed customer relationship management system.

Many brands are wary of nasty consumer complaints on public platforms that can turn their brand image upside down. Through Facebook Messenger, you can offer consumers the opportunity to share their complaints. In this way, you can resolve their complaints through a private channel without letting it affect your brand image.

At the same time, you can use Facebook Messenger as a platform where customers can share feedback for improvement. A brand that listens to the opinions and feedback of the audience, will definitely be appreciated and earn their trust. Take the example of the Wall Street Journal. They use Facebook Messenger to enhance their social media game. The chat bots ensure that you are regularly updated on the latest news and trends. Along with the option to customize alerts among other things that make the user experience smooth and impressive. There are other companies using Facebook messenger to market their brands as well.

Facebook Messenger Ads

Ads in Facebook messenger

You can use Facebook Messenger for marketing by availing the option of Facebook Messenger Ads. Once you create a Facebook messenger Ad, these ads will be visible to a lot of different people who are likely to engage with your brand.

By simply tapping on the Ads, a person will be led to the page, website, app or chat window of a business. In fact, Facebook also comes with the click to message Ads that may appear on Facebook, Instagram or messenger. As a result, your audience will be motivated to interact with your brand. Each time they interact, you are able to influence purchase decisions with the help of an efficient customer services experience.

Augmented Reality

AR for Facebook

Facebook has already announced that it will be offering augmented reality features to some of its businesses as a part of the Facebook messenger. Through this feature, you will be able to integrate and use the Camera effects platform. This feature allows customers to visualize a product before making the purchase.

The Augmented reality effects are automatically added when the customers use the camera effects platform. This feature will allow customers to evaluate the products like they are buying inside the store.

This is one feature that could have a huge impact on customer experience.


Facebook messenger, which was a mere app for chatting with friends at one point of time, holds great relevance for businesses today. You must make sure that you are utilizing Facebook Messenger for business to ensure the best experience for your consumers.

Here’s what you need to focus on, to step up your game on Facebook:

  • Using Facebook messenger to leverage the sale of your products- Facebook messenger offers a speedy pathway to making purchases.
  • Employing Facebook messenger chatbots to facilitate the process of making appointments, purchases etc.
  • Leveraging Facebook messenger to record and store customer feedback for future follow-ups.
  • Actively responding to consumer complaints, queries and issues quickly, efficiently and in real time.
  • Sharing Ads and sponsored content through Facebook Messenger to drive your campaign.

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!