10 Useful Facebook Marketing Tips For Beginners


No matter how many social media platforms come on board, Facebook is going to remain one of the most important platforms to market on. Facebook is now a part of our daily lives and it is also a spot where buyers make their purchase decisions. This makes it an important platform to market on. But how do you create impactful brand messages on Facebook? How can you create an effective Facebook content strategy that will engage the audience? A well-framed Facebook marketing strategy is the answer. Facebook is loaded with several content curating features and to use these features to their true potential, it is essential to plan a strategy. 

Every brand is unique and requires a tailored strategy. Additionally, not every marketing plan works for every brand. Some brands and businesses are focused on video marketing while some are focused on images and written blogs. All of this depends on the kind of audience you want to target and the intention of your marketing strategy. 

Besides the stated, the content you post must also highlight what your brand is offering to the people. Facebook marketing can be overwhelming for beginners because it has several layers. From deciding the audience to creating plans for using different platform features, everything has to be thought of. 

In this blog, we will give you some Facebook marketing tips for beginners.

10 Useful Facebook Marketing Tips For Beginners


1. Keep your Facebook business page up-to-date

Remember you are marketing on Facebook to connect with your audience and your business profile on the platform will serve as your identity. Make sure your business profile on Facebook is updated and describes your business clearly. This is extremely important because only then will the audience know what you are offering. A new and unexplored audience base will need this information to decide whether they want to receive or follow content from your brand. 

2. Decide the intention of your Facebook marketing strategy

The posts you put up on Facebook to market your brand will have to entice some kind of reaction or engagement. Posts that do not take you towards your marketing objectives are of no use. And to know what to post on Facebook it is important to first decide what is the purpose of your marketing plan. The objectives can be increasing sales, increasing brand awareness or simply increasing audience engagement. Marketing on Facebook for beginners must start with deciding the goals and objectives.

3. Decide how you want the audience to perceive your brand

For effective Facebook marketing, you need to decide your brand voice and perception. The content you post will indirectly communicate your brand voice and personality which will then set the perception of your brand. The content you plan for your brand will have to reflect the same and hence, setting the goals and objectives is important. 

4. Know who is likely to engage with your brand content

Facebook audience insights play an important role in determining your future strategies. Even before you start posting on your business page, make sure to understand your target audience. Knowing what your audience prefers will decide the performance of your content. If your audience does not find your posts entertaining or informative, they won’t engage with your brand content. This can impact your Facebook metrics. Study the audience with the help of Facebook analytics tools and get an idea of what your audience is looking for. 

5. Make use of Facebook stories

Businesses want to bank on video marketing when it comes to Facebook but the recently launched Facebook Stories can be equally beneficial for your brand. The stories feature is for putting up content that stays for 24 hours. This feature can be helpful for posting timely updates. Additionally, it also helps you create more posts that are not restricted to the video format. 

6. Schedule the posts smartly

Randomly putting up content can impact the response you get on your brand posts. See when your followers are active on the platform and analyse your niche as to when your competitors are posting their content. This will help you gain maximum benefits from your posts. Tools like Unbox Social can give you data on when your followers are active! 

7. Use influencers to create content

Facebook marketing for beginners does not end with image and video posts. Brands must collaborate with influencers to create content. Influencers are content creators and know how to create content that keeps the audience engaged. Influencer marketing platforms can help you come up with result-oriented campaigns. 

8. Create your own brand identity and refrain from simply following trends

New businesses often make the mistake of blindly following industry leaders. Create your own brand identity and use content to convey the same. Instead of simply following trends by others create something unique of your own and try to make it viral. It can be something as simple as a hashtag or something wherein you encourage audience participation in exchange for discounts or giveaways. Maintain consistency in terms of how you word your content and when you post it. 

9. Go for live videos

Live videos work extremely well on Facebook. The pandemic has increased the significance of live videos because offline events are no longer possible. Brands can launch their products or host live video sessions with industry experts to stay connected with the audiences. This will also give your brand the attention it needs. 

10. Use analytics to frame successful strategies

Once you have a good number of posts and audience count, you must start analysing the performance of your content. Effective Facebook marketing can only be done if you know how your audience is consuming your content. The Facebook marketing plan you structure has to be based on the analysis of your posts and audience. This will save you a lot of time and effort on trial and error. Moreover, you can also conduct competition tracking to know how other players in your industry are faring as compared to you. 

These above-stated tips will smoothen the process of creating a Facebook marketing campaign. Check out a few more blogs to know about Facebook marketing-


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