Why B2B Companies Need to Get Started with Facebook Live

Facebook live

Ever since its inception in August 2015, Facebook Live has been one of the top-most platforms for engagement. Facebook live has a huge fan base amongst entertainment industry enthusiasts. Not only for entertainment, but Facebook Live is also a great source for sharing informative content and for showcasing the human-side of a brand. It doesn’t take time to get any video viral on the platform and that is why every B2B company should tap into the potential of live streaming content.

Facebook Live, with more than 2 Billion views for its content, makes for a tempting prospect to invest your efforts into. If you want to optimize your presence on Facebook, you must leverage this format to generate real-time engagement and build a strong follower base.

Before jumping into Live Video, you must know as to who your audiences are. As a B2B company, any video that you make must be targeted towards the audience you want to serve. Depending upon your business niche, Facebook Live will help you in reaching the following segments of the audience:

  • Potential Investors
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Media and journalists
  • Potential business partners and investors
  • Macro and micro influencers

Thoroughly planning ahead of going live on Facebook is the key to successful Facebook live sessions. For maximum participation, you must notify your followers ahead, about the details of the Facebook Live session.

Conducting regular Facebook Live sessions is essential for brand visibility. To keep your audience engaged, try brainstorming and experimenting with different content ideas. Be ready with a good connection, camera, and equipment. You wouldn’t want to experience glitches in the middle of your live broadcast.

Live video offers a great chance to get your message through to your audience. Apart from this, there are many different reasons why Facebook Live is worth your time and investment. So, let’s look at the different opportunities that Facebook Live offers, for marketing your brand.

Reasons why B2B Companies must use Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a very low-cost platform to reach millions of potential customers across the globe. Here are some reasons as to why B2B Companies should use Facebook Live as a marketing solution –

Facebook Live helps build trust with your audience

One of the major reasons why you should be focusing on Facebook live is to build trust with your audiences. This format allows you to humanize interactions which cannot be achieved with your website, newsletters or static videos alone. It connects people with your brand and product directly.Through live videos, you can showcase your culture and take your audience behind the scenes to project the level of passion that goes into building your product.

Building trust with your customers will not only help strengthen your customer base but also result in a positive word of mouth for your brand. Establishing a relationship of trust with the audience is important for every business and Facebook Live allows you to do just that.

Facebook Live is Highly Interactive

Facebook live is highly recommended if you want to generate real time engagement. With your live videos, you can draw current and prospective clients to your brand. One way to do this is by conducting live Q&A sessions with your customers. By answering their queries in real time, you can establish a direct contact with them and earn their loyalty.

By offering a virtual space for your customers to ask questions about your brand, you are establishing a loyal base of customers. Almost all Influencers follow this practice of conducting Q&A sessions during Live Streaming Sessions.

Live videos help improve your organic reach. Videos with high engagement levels tend to rank higher in the newsfeed. By offering your audience an avenue to interact with your brand in real time, Facebook Live Video enhances engagement. The Facebook algorithm favors interactive content, pushing Live Videos to the top of the feed.

Leverage the highly engaging format of Facebook Live to boost organic reach.

Facebook Live Video is Highly Shareable

As we mentioned before, Facebook Live allows your audience an opportunity to connect with you directly. Facebook live videos help your content reach your audiences. This means that your audience can easily find it rather than having to search for it.  Because Facebook live videos are interactive and engaging, they are highly shareable in nature and generate huge generic traffic for your business.

Facebook Live Allows You to Showcase Important Events In Real-Time

With Facebook Live, you can get creative with your social media marketing. Use Facebook Live to cover important business presentations and/or product launches to generate massive exposure for your product and bring forth new ideas as well. If you want to connect to some potential partners and investors, this can be a great idea to propagate your business endeavors. This will not only attract potential clients but also add to the richness of your content.

Live Streaming Can Help Offer A Glimpse Into Your Brand

Many clothing brands are tapping into Facebook Live to offer a glimpse into what goes behind the scenes through costume shoots, for instance. Behind the scene videos help you show your audience how your business actually works. It boosts transparency and helps your audience know everything about your brand.

Conduct Product Demos to Compel Conversions

Use Facebook Live to conduct product demonstrations. By showing your audience how to use your products, you can establish their usefulness. This works well for technology brands who want their audience to know how the product can be used right. You can arrange for unboxing videos and let the customers know how to handle certain things in the product as well.

Winding up

Facebook Live is an incredibly useful tool for all brands including B2B brands. The fact that Facebook generates billions of traffic on a daily basis makes it a lucrative platform to work on. Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy by using Facebook Live:

  • Facebook Live helps you build audience’s trust by humanizing interactions.
  • Facebook Live is highly interactive. Use it to generate real-time engagement.
  • Live videos are highly shareable, as they generate engagement and get higher feed rankings.
  • Cover important company events as well as product launches through Facebook Live to attract potential clients.
  • Provide your audience with a glimpse into your brand using Facebook Live streaming.
  • Compel your target audience to convert through Live Videos by conducting live product demonstrations.
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