8 Effective Ways To Improve Your Brand’s Facebook Engagement Rate

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Everyone is fighting for attention on Facebook and that includes users, brands, businesses, and every other entity present on the platform. Facebook marketing is the soul of brand marketing but it’s easier said than done. Businesses often come up with Facebook marketing strategies to keep the audience engaged but with the growing competition on the platform it is difficult to get the desired results.

The audience behaviour on Facebook has changed drastically over the last few years. Similarly, even Facebook has now evidently become a marketplace to promote products and services. This has given the platform a different identity. To market your brand on Facebook, it is necessary to come up with effective and engaging marketing strategies. The strategies need to connect to the audience and generate a reaction/response. To get Facebook engagement rate, brands must focus on creating valuable content. In this blog, we will tell you about the 10 most effective ways to increase your brand engagement on Facebook. 

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8 Ways To Improve Facebook Engagement Rate

 1. Post content when your followers are active on the platform

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To perform well on social media platforms, it is necessary to focus on the timing. Posting content when most of your followers are online will increase the chances of getting higher visibility and engagement. Brand marketers must frame Facebook engagement posts and track their data to see the best time to post. The best way to check when most of your followers are online is to rely on a social media analytics tool like Unbox Social. The tool gives you accurate data on the best time to post on Facebook. 

 2. Create videos that have something for the audience

Videos work the best for social media marketing and this also goes for Facebook. The videos you create must encourage a reaction, response or sentiment from the user. Create videos that are not just restricted to your products and services but give valuable content that is in line with your niche/industry. Some of the best brands that have nailed their video marketing strategy took up social issues to convey the right message and promoted their brand indirectly. Such content can help you increase your audience base too along with the Facebook engagement rate. 

 3. Try to interact with the audience through live videos

Going live on Facebook and Instagram is something every brand and business should do. Live videos give you an opportunity to interact and know your audience. Additionally, the response also tells you what the audience thinks about your brand. The comments can give you an insight into audience preference too. The audiences can participate in the live videos and this helps in increasing the engagement rate. Make sure you encourage the audience to participate in your videos via Q&A sessions and other such content formats. 

 4. Track and promote your top-performing posts

Unbox Social social media analysis

It is necessary to keep a check on your high-performing content. Check what kind of posts fetched you a higher engagement rate in the past, which posts had a higher reach, and so on. Social media analytics tools can also give you data for the same. Once you know your high-performing posts you can promote them to improve your Facebook engagement rate. 

 5. Create posts that entice a response from the audience

When the audience feels involved with your brand it leads to an increase in engagement. This is why brands must create content that poses a question in the minds of the audience. Ask for their opinions, create contests that need them to engage with your brand in some way or other such campaigns. This will also tell you if your audience is finding your brand worthy enough. 

 6. Post authentic content

Perfectly edited images and videos worked for most business entities in the past. Nowadays, the audience wants to see authentic content on social media platforms especially Facebook. Be it a behind-the-scenes video of your product in the making or a short content piece on the workforce behind your brand, everything accounts for greater authenticity. Such posts can help increase the Facebook engagement rate. 

 7. Conduct thorough audience analysis

Unbox Social audience analysis

The most important aspect of increasing Facebook engagement rate is to know your audience thoroughly. Tools like Unbox Social allow you to conduct audience analysis. The tool gives you data on audience demographics, audience interest, audience sentiment, and lots more. The data helps you create effective strategies according to your audience. 

 8. Make use of Facebook stories

Facebook stories are another way to drive engagement to your brand content. Brands often feel they do not want to bombard the audience with back to back content pieces, this is where stories come to the rescue. With the help of stories, you can convey regular updates about brands/businesses without spamming their feed. Facebook stories also allow the users to react to the content which makes it super useful.  

The tips mentioned above will help you get the desired Facebook engagement rate for your brand. Make sure you are consistent on the platform and post valuable content. Here are a few more blogs to help you with Facebook marketing. 

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