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How to Dominate Facebook Ads Without Being a Spammy Marketer

facebook ads

Facebook is an ever-changing entity. What remains and what changes with time in the world of Facebook Ads can only be understood through constant research, and testing. Despite all the criticism, Facebook Ads still remain one of the top tools for your social marketing strategy. The amount of traffic generated by Facebook serves the purpose of marketing your brand effectively.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook introduced major changes to its ads’ platform in 2018 provoking adjustments to your Ads’ strategies. Whether you are starting out with Facebook Ads or reshuffling your ad strategy, these pointers will be helpful in dominating Facebook Ads without being a spam master-

Knowing Your Facebook Audience

It is important to understand your audience and their demographics when building social media marketing strategies. Knowing your audience is the key to ensure your Ads reach the right set of people at the right time – the audience that you want to serve. It is important to learn the general demographics of your target audience. Additionally, knowing their interests and behaviors can reap wonders for your product and brand on Facebook.

As easy as it may seem, attaining important information about your audience is not that easy. But a social media analytics tool like Unbox Social can be helpful in deriving insights about your target audience. You can use the tool to gain knowledge about the audience type you want to serve, the interests they possess and other important audience insights. You can combine demographic insights with interest-based targeting options to reach your target audience and compel them to click on that CTA button.

Privacy Issues In Facebook Ads

Privacy Issues In Facebook Ads

In the wake of its privacy scandals, Facebook brought a host of changes to its Ads’ targeting policy including the removal of third-party targets. This implies that advertisers can no longer target certain audience segments like frequent buyers through credit cards, credit score targeting, etc. This may have meant a shrinking of the target audience base for many brands. As a part of this change, Facebook has also removed most of its workplace targets except for global brands. Marketers and advertisers on Facebook now have no option than to shift to expansive workplace targeting.

But despite these hurdles, Facebook Ads are winnable investments. Facebook offers a host of opportunities for lead generation and customer retention through its targeting options.  You can sync your customer contacts to target existing customers and help boost customer retention.  In the process, you can use Facebook Ads to build a positive sentiment for your brand.  You can also build  an audience base to reach prospective buyers who share similar attributes through Custom Audiences.

To advance your cause as an advertiser, try brainstorming new, interest-based targeting options to reach the right set of people with Facebook Ads.

Changes In Facebook Ads

Changes in Facebook Ads

No one likes spam. Period. The audience is definitely not a fan of spam and so, populating their feed with such content may go against your brand. The Facebook privacy issue has pushed for putting controls on spammy content on the platform.  To this effect, Facebook has brought some changes to reduce spam on the timeline. Your content should align with these changes and unless it does, your content will be categorized as spammy.

For instance, in Ad images, the text cannot occupy more than 20% of the image. The social media giant had brought such restrictions earlier as well, but it has finally tightened the screws around it. So, Ads that are brimming with textual content, crossing the 20% limit, will be classified as spammy.

The Text Overlay Tool is a handy tool to determine if your Ad image sizes meet the standards set by Facebook. You can upload your ad creative here to the Image Test Check. You will get a rating from ‘Ok’ to ‘High’ from Facebook. An ‘Ok’ rating means you can go about creating your ad and that would run normally on the platform. If the rating ranges from ‘Low’ to ‘High’, you will be required to adjust the Ad image size by either making your text font smaller or removing some part of it. It might take several tries before your Ad gets finalized, but it is worth breaking the sweat than getting your  Ad pulled out.

Another change that Facebook has brought over, following its political storm, was to limit political Ads under its updated political advertising policy. To manage a political page and to become authorized, the page Admins and their respective accounts will have to undergo verification. They would also need to disclose who is paying for the political ads on the platform.

As a brand, you aim to run fruitful Ad campaigns on Facebook that generate positive actions from your audience. For this, you need to ensure that your content aligns with the new rules.

Allocating Resources for Facebook Ads

Facebook is a robust market place. The beauty of its advertising platform is that you can generate considerable ROI with even a very low budget. So, when you decide about the allocation of money for your Facebook ad campaign, you would need to keep certain factors in mind:

  • How long your campaign is
  • The number of campaigns and ads you are planning on running
  • The size of your target audience
  • The ROI you expect after using analytics

For example, if your target audience size is small, avoid spending more on a state-wide or nationwide campaign. This could mean hitting the same audience again and again. There is a very fine line between reaching your audience and spamming them with your content again and again. Ideally, people should see a particular Ad for no more than 3 times.

Whether you are starting out your Facebook Ads’ campaign or considering an increment, you must finalize your budget after considering all the factors. Facebook Ads can do wonders with a low budget only if it is set up properly.

Keep Testing Your Ads

Once you are through with building your Ads, you must work on testing as much as you can. Use Facebook Ads Manager to evaluate how your ads are performing on the platform. Run a variation of your Ads to see which ones are actually achieving your campaign objectives.

With one of the most prominent applications of Facebook, Dynamic Creative, you can automate the process of combining text, images, headlines, and calls-to-action into separate post ad variations. Once your Ads start running high, you must get rid of Ads that are not performing well. This will help prevent wastage of money and energy on Ads which are ineffective. For instance, if your campaign objective is to bring organic traffic to your website, you might want to switch off the Ads which are generating fewer clicks.

Winding up

Facebook Ads can be a really interesting way to sell your product or persuade your audience to click the CTA button. But in the wake of new changes brought out by Facebook, it is important to  inculcate the new rules into your Ads’ strategy. You need to develop new ideas and bring in more product specific Ad changes. Here is how you can revamp your Facebook Ads campaign to generate more ROI-

  • As an advertiser, you must focus on understanding your target audience – their likes, dislikes, interests, what they don’t like. This can help you in planning your Facebook Ads better.
  • Be very authentic in placing your ads to suit the Facebook community standards.
  • Keep your Ads spam free by carefully aligning your content with the new Facebook Ads policy.
  • Set a budget for your Facebook Ads campaign by considering the duration of your campaign, the size of your target audience and other important factors.
  • Finally, test out Ad sets for maximum efficiency.

What is Unbox Social?

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!