10 Tips To Build An Effective Social Media Presence

Social media, over the years, has gone big and how! A huge part of the global population is actively using social media channels today. With more than 3 billion people using different social media platforms, you need to take advantage of these numbers and put in efforts to reach out to your target audience.

There are so many other brands beside yours, that are trying to draw the attention of the huge base of users. Building social media presence in such a competitive environment can be challenging, but by following a set of tips and tricks, you can create an effective social media presence.

Here are a set of tips you can follow to build a social media presence that is effective and unrivalled:

1: Figure out your ultimate goals

What is your ultimate goal behind building a social media presence?

Whether you have an e-commerce website, a small online set up or a B2B business, you will have to define a clear goal before you go ahead with planning out your social media strategy. For an e-commerce website, the ultimate goal would be boost conversions while for a niche blogger, the ultimate goal will be drive traffic to their blog/website.

To be able to achieve these goals, a social media presence across different platforms is essential. But unless your goal are not clear and defined, you will only be moving directionless.

2: Optimise your social media accounts

Defining about your brand on social media is one of the most essential tips to follow when you want to build an effective social media presence.Your social media profile is the first space that your audience refers to for informing themselves about your brand.

As a result, all your social media accounts need to be fully optimized and furnished with all the details about your brand. For each social media account, there will be a different set of rules and practices to follow when creating a social media profile.

Facebook business page

For Facebook, you will have to follow tips such as defining about your business, adding the category for your business and a few more steps.

Social media account instagram

To enhance your Instagram profile, you need to have a polished Instagram bio, with a good profile picture. For your profile picture, you can use your logo or any other symbol with which people can associate. Add a nice Instagram bio through which you can introduce your brand. You can take the example of Adobe’s Instagram-handle here.

You need to make sure that your Twitter handle is also fully optimised. Add an appropriate profile picture, add your website URL and make a few more changes and tweaks on your profile.

3: Create your social media profile icons

social media icons

This one is a no-brainer. In today’s time, almost everyone has a Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account. As such, adding icons of your social media profiles  is essential for creating an effective social media presence.

All you have to do is integrate your social media profiles into your website or email footers by adding icons for each. These icons will link your website and emails directly to your social media profiles. Adding these icons makes your social media profiles only a click away.

4: Create riveting content

Visual content for social media

Content is king and you need to supply your audience with the most enticing and riveting content to create awareness about your brand.

Good content is the key to building an effective social media presence in the following ways:

  • People are compelled to share your content (or retweet in case of Twitter) which leads to increased reach of your posts
  • People may show appreciation for your content by hitting the like button (or hit one or the other reactions in case of Facebook)
  • People may even go to the extent of putting in an effort to add comments on your social media posts resulting in increased engagement
  • Another reaction you can expect in response to good content is when people head to your profile to know more about your brand or check out other posts.

According to a research, an average person can get distracted within 8 seconds. In this sense, visual content in the form of pictures, videos, infographics etc. makes for a better option than textual, written content. Try to plan out your content strategy in such a way that most of your content on different social media platforms is visual to build good social media presence.

5: Post regularly and stay active

To ensure an effective social media presence, you must make sure to post regularly and stay active through all your social media profiles.

If you’re posting your content only once in a while, you may lose the interest of your target audience. A trick to follow in making the most of your social media presence is to post at the right time, when most of your audience is active.

Each social media platform has a peak time and even specific days, when most users are active. By following a simple strategy of posting content on days and time points when most of your audience is active, you can leverage each of the social media platforms to drive your presence. You can use a social media analytics tool to derive Instagram audience insights. Build a social media strategy based on these insights, such as the peak audience activity time and important audience demographics.

6: Don’t rely on vanity metrics and focus on engagement metrics

Vanity metrics, as the name suggests are metrics that make your social media profiles look good, but are not actually helpful in understanding your social media performance. You should not rely on vanity metrics alone, to define your social media strategies.

Vanity metrics would comprise of the number of your social media followers, subscribers, the number of views on your page and so on. These are flashy numbers that just give a sort of positive reinforcement, but are not actually contributing to your social media presence.

Instead, focus on engagement metrics such as comments and replies, for instance, are a better way to understand how well you are faring on your social media. The number of followers on your social media profile can be helpful in driving your presence to an extent. However, it does not mean that all your followers are engaging with your content.

In order to actively engage your social media followers, share content that compels people to comment on your posts and share your posts. Ask people to give feedback wherever necessary and possible. Respond to complaints as well as queries. Reply with a thank you whenever you receive compliments and even when you receive feedback to create a good rapport with your audience.

7: Use analytics tools

You keep creating and posting content, getting more followers, receiving comments, feedback and reactions. But, how do you actually measure your overall performance on social media?

You need to track and monitor your social media performance to figure out the next steps in your social media strategy. Using analytics tools, you can gain valuable insights and information on your social media efforts and other important aspects such as audience demographics, engagement, platform specific demographics and so on.

With the help of analytics tools, you can generate reports with charts, graphs etc.  along with information that will be helpful in analysing your performance. These reports can then define the next course of action. You can use Unbox Social to uncover important information and insights on all your social media activity. This social media reporting tool also allows you to generate automated social media reports for your different social media accounts.

8: Use Ads/Resort to paid marketing efforts

Given the huge competition among different brands for top feed ranking, relying on organic reach alone does not suffice. There is a need to also invest in paid marketing to maintain social media presence for business.

Each social media platform offers the option of Ads to promote your content. Dynamic formats, different packages, easy-to-use editors, and other features, make the process of paid marketing very easy. You can build Ad creatives easily and share your Ads in multiple formats across different audience segments. Most platforms also offer controls and options for smooth targeting across social media platforms.

Ads, in this sense, are a sure shot way to reach your audience. Build Ad creatives that are appealing and snappy to compel them to achieve your ultimate social media goal (s).

9: Provide a platform for Customer Service and Feedback

With the growing presence of different businesses on social media, customers as well as potential customers look for quick answers to their queries and complaints. By offering an easy and quick complaint and feedback gateway to your followers, you will build a rapport with your follower base.

Social media presence, Customer service on instagram

Customers are always looking for a hassle-free shopping experience. By providing a platform where followers and customers can directly put in their complaints and queries, you can streamline and smoothen the purchasing process. This will only help your brand earn a good reputation and then let the word of mouth do the magic!

10: Conduct Giveaway contests

One social media tip to enhance your social media presence is to conduct giveaway contests. For giveaways, the audience is required to follow a set of steps to participate in a contest for a prize hampers and packages. This method can be helpful in building an effective social media presence in 2 different ways.

Firstly, you can create a buzz around your brand on social media through the giveaway contest. Secondly, when you are giving out your products, you are adding new people to your customer base. This can set off a chain of events ultimately resulting in creating an effective brand presence on social media.


Social media is more than just a platform for entertainment and interactions with peers, family and relatives. Users are now visiting social media platforms for knowing more about different brands online. You need to have a strong social media presence in order to fulfill your ultimate goal(s) of converting more people into customers.

Here is a snapshot of the tips on how to grow your social media presence:

  • Find out what your ultimate social media goal is
  • Fine tune all your social media accounts with full information about your brand
  • Add social media icons on your website as well as on the footer of all your emails
  • Create content that pushes your audience to engage and interact with your brand
  • Stay active on all social media channels
  • Don’t rely on vanity metrics, they can deceptive; focus on actionable engagement metrics
  • Use analytics tools to measure your performance
  • Target your audience through paid marketing media
  • Provide a platform for customers to share feedback and queries
  • Conduct contests to create awareness and build presence of your brand



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