5 Smart Ways To Use Instagram Reels For Branding


By now you surely know how crucial video content is for brand marketing. On all social media platforms, video content is getting the highest traction and this definitely means brands and businesses need to focus on videos more than any other content form. 

When TikTok was released users just could not stop watching content on the platform. The short videos were highly focused on the element of entertainment and managed to attract a wide audience base. 

Brand marketers are bound to experience fatigue in terms of coming up with unique content for Instagram because the platform has seen it all and the users are looking for content that is both valuable and engaging. This tricky combination is hard to achieve! 

The TikTok ban in India proved to be a boon for Instagram Reels because it successfully filled the void. But what can you post on Instagram Reels? What will keep your target audience engaged? What kind of content works on Instagram Reels? These are some questions that still keep marketers busy. 

And for the ones who are still trying to figure out what this new feature is, please read our complete guide on Instagram Reels

In this blog, we will help you with content ideas for Instagram Reels. But before that let’s understand why posting on Instagram Reels is a must for brand marketing-

Why Post on Instagram Reels?

Though Instagram started as a photo-sharing platform, with Stories and Reels, the platform is quickly transforming into a video-oriented one. Not using Instagram Reels will do more harm than good to your business/brand. 

This is because, with the help of Reels, you can get more creative with your content and present it in an engaging manner. This feature also helps in increasing engagement. Additionally, it allows you to create short videos that require much less time and effort. 

Even in the Reels vs TikTok battle, Instagram takes the cake because it has a more reliable audience base. This makes it all the more beneficial for marketing. 

It should be noted that Reels are apt for influencer marketing campaigns. Influencers can do a lot with Reels for their brand collaborations because it allows them to create content in many creative ways. Moreover, Reels has made its way to every niche and almost every industry is making the most out of this wonderful feature. 

Here are some creative ways to use Instagram Reels-


1. Use your TikTok videos in Reels

Brands produced a lot of content when TikTok was at its peak. After the TikTok ban in India, several brands had a bank of content with no appropriate platform to post on. Reels on Instagram released at the right time when people were homebound due to the lockdown and needed something for entertainment. Brands can easily use their TikTok content on Reels because it fits the feature perfectly. 

2. How-to videos

Brands can make the most out of these brief videos by showing the users the usability of their products. For instance, fashion brands can rope in lifestyle influencers and curate a  video on how to style their products. This not only promotes the products and services but also highlights the reason as to why a consumer should invest in your brand. 

3. Create challenges to keep the audience engaged

Social media platforms are full of trends and challenges is one of them. Be it the Ice Bucket Challenge or the 21 Day Workout Challenge, these concepts are very much in and can be easily used in Reels. Brands can team up with niche influencers and introduce a challenge that relates to their products, services or industry.

4. Post behind the scenes videos

Give the users a glimpse of what your brand does. These can be extremely brief and can help in generating a sense of curiosity. Even OTT platforms are using the Reels feature to the fullest by releasing the teasers of their upcoming shows. These Reels will keep the audience hooked to your content. 

5. Share tips on Instagram Reels

Everything on social media is not about entertainment, users also need information and updates on what’s new. Sharing quick tips and tricks on Reels is something most brands and influencers are doing. This not only helps in educating the users but also lets you post frequently. 

We hope these Instagram Reels ideas will help you carve out an effective strategy. Coming to analytics, Instagram as a whole is super important for a social media strategy. Having said that, it is also necessary to see how your content on the platform is performing.

Unbox Social’s Instagram analytics solution has got you covered! Check the content performance for your Instagram post and stories and design your strategy accordingly. Moreover, the tool also offers competition tracking and influencer marketing solutions! 

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