4 Ways to Check if Your Brand is Performing on Facebook

brand performance on facebook

So, you have set up a page on Facebook and started posting content on the platform. But how do you know if your Facebook activity is helping you attain the results that you are looking for?

After all, you are putting the time, money and efforts into creating a good strategy for your brand on Facebook. You need to measure if your branding on Facebook is working or not.

As a part of your strategy for branding on Facebook, you need to constantly assess how your page activity is faring on the platform.  For this, you need to measure all the important Facebook metrics of your page.

Employ a good social media analytics tool to derive valuable Facebook insights and define clear, actionable ideas for your brand. With Unbox Social, you can uncover very important insights and intelligence on all your Facebook activity.Using this tool, you can constantly track and monitor your Facebook metrics and enhance your branding on Facebook.

You can check if your branding on Facebook is effective or not with the help of this tool and put together a strategy that will help you achieve your social media goals.

So, let’s jump right into the different ways to check if your brand is working on Facebook or not.

Ways To Check If Your Brand Is Working On Facebook

Measuring Your Facebook Page Reach

Measuring your reach is an important part of checking the effectiveness of your branding on Facebook.  Reach is the number of times your content appears in front of your audience.

As you know, the Facebook Algorithm works on the principle that those posts which provoke interactions amongst your audience are more likely to appear on the newsfeed.

By tracking the reach of your Facebook page, you can measure how effective your content is, on the platform.

Using Unbox Social’s tool, you can ascertain the number of people viewing your content on the platform. An integral part of your Facebook page reach is the impressions on your Facebook page. It is the total number of times your content gets seen by your audience.

Content with a very large number of impressions is an indication of its virality. Take inspiration from such viral content to create potentially viral content on the platform.

Page Impressions

With Unbox Social, you can get a grasp of the total impressions- impressions as well as unique impressions or reach for all the content on your Facebook page.

Use the analysis on this Facebook metric to arrive at a conclusion as to how you can create content that draws the attention of your audience. Not only should it attract the attention of your audience but also compel them to interact with your content.

After all, only when you provoke interactions on your content, you will generate active engagement. Only once this happens can your content appear on the newsfeeds of your audience and increase awareness about your brand.

This takes us to the next important step you can take to check if your brand is working on Facebook.

Track The Engagement For Your Facebook Page

One of the most important Facebook metrics you need to measure is the engagement on your Facebook page activity. Engagement is simply the total number of likes, comments, reactions and different forms of interactions on your Facebook page.

Measure the level of engagement for your brand on Facebook to get an idea as to how your audience interacts with your content. It is important to understand if your audience likes your content or not and design your content strategy accordingly.

With the help of Unbox Social, you can analyse your content and decide as to which are the top performing content posts and which ones do not perform too well. You can then arrive at a conclusion as to which are the content types and formats that your audience likes the most. Based on this, you can take inspiration for all the future content.

At the same time, your content will direct you as to how to interact with your audience. Are you responding to all the comments you receive on your photos? Do you need to change your tone in which you respond to comments by your audience? Do you need to use the reaction buttons? Or do you need to change the way you frame captions and copies on Facebook?

Using Unbox Social, you can study your engagement levels in an in-depth manner.

Facebook Page Reactions

Get an eagle-eye view of the reactions of your audience on all the content on your Facebook page.

 Facebook Page Engagement

You can gauge the total engagement on all your content in comparison to the number of times people click on your content. At the same time, compare your engagement levels to the number of times your content appeared in front of unique users on Facebook.

You can also get an overview of the engagement on your Facebook page with the help of this tool.

Constantly Monitor The Post-wise Analytics Of Your Facebook Page

The main idea behind measuring the post-wise metrics for all your content on Facebook is to understand how each of your content post is faring. There may be some content pieces that will receive a good response, in terms of likes, comments, reactions, views, impressions etc. while some others may not.

Using Unbox Social, identify the content posts that garner better engagement and the content posts that did not perform as well. This will help you give a direction as to the kind of content you should focus on.

Post-wise analytics

Track the comments and responses on all your content. Interacting with your audience is essential for creating a loyal base of followers. Monitor conversations on every post and learn from every conversation.

You can also track the number of impressions, unique impressions, likes, reactions, shares etc. using the tool.

Understand Your Target Audience

In order to weigh the effectiveness of your brand on Facebook, you also need to understand who your audience is, thoroughly. After all, your audience matters the most and your ultimate goal should be to push your audience to take action. Once you know and understand your target audience deeply, you can shape your content strategy accordingly.

It is important to know what your audience thinks about your content to check for the effectiveness of your brand on Facebook.

Unbox Social lets you uncover important insights about your Facebook page.

 Audience metrics

With this tool, you can uncover important insights about your audience such as the gender, age and location distribution of your audience. Further, you can measure the reach and followers by country.

Facebook fans by location

To go a level deeper, you can also track your fans, reach and page views by age.

Facebook audience by age and gender split

Know when most of your audience is online with this tool and apply it to your posting strategy.

Facebook page audience metrics

With the help of all the information and intelligence on your audience, you can ascertain as to where you stand with regard to your branding on Facebook.


It is very important for every brand to constantly measure the effectiveness of their Facebook activity. Given all the efforts, time and money that goes into marketing your brand on Facebook, you should constantly measure all the important Facebook metrics to stay on top of your game.

Here’s how you can check if your brand is working on Facebook or not:

  • Measure the reach for your Facebook page to know how many people are viewing your content
  • Track the engagement for your Facebook page to understand how your audience is interacting with your brand on the platform
  • Monitor post-wise metrics of your Facebook page, as it will help you analyse which content posts are more likely to garner the attention of your audience
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your audience through segmentation by age, gender, and location

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