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8 Reasons Why You Should Use Chatbots for Business

The use of automation tools is on the rise and logically so. These social media tools help make your job easier by carrying out various tasks on your behalf. In the process, these tools help you save up on precious time you could have spent on important business problems. Automation tools may be used to schedule content posts or to facilitate email marketing campaigns. Another aspect of your business that automation tools can help with, is your customer service.

Trends in customer services clearly point out to a shift away from long-duration customer service phone calls. Now brands are relying on automation tools that lead conversations with potential customers. Brands are employing chatbots to drive conversations and help you save time in the process.

Chatbots for business, Customer support

The modern customer seeks immediate gratification. This means that if a customer has a question, query or complaint about your brand, they expect you to respond back immediately. As such, chatbots are slowly taking over the industry and in a few years, may actually go mainstream.

In this sense, you too can consider using this AI-powered software to take your marketing to the next level. Chatbots may turn out to be an expensive investment, but with a strong ROI for sure. Using chatbots is very beneficial for your brand. Let’s now look at the different ways in which chatbots can be a fruitful investment for your business.

Why You Should Invest In Chatbots For Your Business?

Chatbots are reliable virtual assistants

One of the best things about employing chatbots in your marketing efforts is that they play the role of a virtual assistant. They work like a salesman at a showroom to your website or social media profile. You can use Chatbots to welcome your audience on the platform and help guide them through. Just as a salesman listens to the queries of his customers, use Chatbots to help your brand respond to the queries of your audience immediately. Let it accompany your audience on the platform and offer a window where they can put in their questions.

Add a human element to your chatbot by giving it a name and face. Every time the pop-up chat window appears, to your audience, it is a real customer service professional they are talking to. This helps build a rapport between your audience and your brand, through your chatbot. It leaves a good impression on your audience in the process.

For Offering Real-Time Customer Support

Your audience expects an immediate response to queries, complaints and questions. With chatbots, you can ensure that your audience gets their response shortly after they put their query. This real-time customer support offered by chatbots makes it every bit worth the investment.

The good thing about having chatbots is that unlike humans they never get tired, nor do they go on holidays. At the same time, they do not work by timings and can function all of 24 hours every day. In fact, chatbots are a more productive alternative as they can communicate with multiple users at the same time. This cannot be possible with just a team of customer service professionals. For best results, use chatbots to support your customer service team.

You can use the chatbots on your social media to offer quick, on-the-spot responses to your audience. Employing your chatbot on Facebook messenger, for instance, will help you keep up with your audience. Facebook messenger has enormous potential to help you grow your business. With chatbots you can take it to the next level. Not just Facebook messenger, chatbots can be added to other social media inbox as well.

Save up On Time, Money and Efforts

A lot of time, money and effort can go waste in responding to each and every message. If you employ chatbots to automatically respond to messages and lead conversations, you can save up on a lot of time. A cost-effective way to deal with customer support and service is to hire a small team of customer service professionals along with an effective chatbot tool.

Instead of wasting efforts on typing out messages and/or comments to your audience, you can focus on more important tasks at hand. You can leave this job to your chatbot, while you can work on content creation and planning and other important business problems.

Improved Conversion Pathways

Use chatbots for marketing brands by making the conversion process easier. Enhance your conversion pathway using chatbots by providing your audience with relevant information and features about your products along with constant support.

The idea is to help your audience take the decision in favour of your brand by offering a great user experience. The better the experience, the more likely is your audience to go for purchasing your product.

Collect Important Data

Collect and analyse all the crucial chatbot conversations to find important information. The idea is to ensure a good experience for your audience. With the help of chatbots, you can gather important information such as all the keywords and phrases that you can employ in chatbot conversations. Make your chatbot more approachable and easier to connect with, using all the important data you can collect.

Collecting  data through your conversations can also help you discover any drawbacks that may exist in the entire experience. Does your audience understand your product elements properly or not? Through chatbot conversations, you can derive all the information to improve your marketing strategy on the platform.

Build Customer Loyalty

Chatbots can help you build on customer loyalty. There is nothing better than a 24X7 virtual assistant cum online customer service responding to customer queries. If your audience leaves a comment or a direct message on your Facebook or Instagram profile, your chatbot will automatically respond within a matter of a few minutes. It will help set a positive impression for your brand on the audience.

Your customers appreciate quick response to their queries. As we discussed before, today’s audience operates on the principle of immediate gratification. So, the earlier you respond to them, the better your relationship with them. You can also use chatbots to send out automated messages in their social media inbox to wish them on holidays and festivals.

Inform About Important Events, New Updates Or Launches

Are you hosting an important event? Is there a new product launch coming up?

Why not alert your audience about all such relevant information by sending out automated messages? Update your audience about the latest happenings and about any upcoming events using chatbots. You don’t have to manually send out such messages to each and every customer, thanks to these chatbots.

You can also use chatbots to send out reminders to audience about an event they are attending or an important launch that will happen. Chatbots can thus help you market your brand in a smooth, streamlined manner.

Enhancing Your Ad Campaigns

Your chatbots can work effectively to enhance your social media Ad Campaigns. Instead of taking your audience to a landing page, you can lead your audience to chatbots on social media messengers/inbox. Create a fun, interactive experience for your customers, using your chatbots. In the process, you can push up your engagement levels on social media.


Chatbot technology is fast taking over the customer service and engagement landscape in social media and digital media. It is a good decision to use chatbots for your business because:

  • Chatbots can work as virtual assistants like salespersons in a showroom
  • Offer quick and real time response to customer queries, complaints and full fledged customer support
  • Save time, money and effort that can be diverted towards more important business tasks
  • Enhance conversion pathways by providing improved consumer experience
  • Collect important data through chatbot conversations to inform marketing strategies
  • Build customer loyalty by offering timely responses and ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Inform about important events, updates and product launches through automated chatbot conversations
  • Lead your audience to chatbot conversations on messengers through social media Ads


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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!