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TeamUnbox 27 Aug 2019

A Guide To Using Social Media Sentiment Analysis

Data plays a very important role in helping you make important brand decisions. You eagerly wait for the numbers to go up as a sign that you are developing traction among your audience. But are these numbers sufficient to establish the success of your brand?  It is important to track social media KPIs, including engagement, […]

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TeamUnbox 08 Jun 2019

Top Influencer Marketing Campaigns You Should Know

Huda Kattan’s story of success from being a beauty blogger to starting a $ 2.1 billion-worth beauty line, is one that speaks for every Influencer out there. Influencers being avid content creators have become an indispensable part of every brand’s marketing strategy. In fact, the Influencer marketing industry is expected to become a 10 billion […]

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TeamUnbox 06 Jun 2019

How To Structure A Product Launch Campaign

Social media is a great channel to market your brand. With access to diverse audience segments, social media makes for just the perfect platform to launch your new products and/or product ranges. As overwhelming as it may sound, running product launch campaigns on social media comes with its own perks. Behind a good product launch […]

Business Content Campaigns Social Media Marketing
TeamUnbox 27 May 2019

7 Tips On How To Grow Your Instagram Account

Instagram with a 500 million-strong user base, is a lucrative platform to market your skills. If you are an Influencer looking to capitalize on the formats and features of this platform, you need to have a fool-proof strategy in place. No matter what niche you specialize in, you need certain hacks and tips that can […]

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