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Monitoring social media performance used to be just a minuscule part of social media planning. Ideating and implementing social media marketing campaigns took the center stage when it came to making a mark on social media platforms. But the rise in the level of competition and content overcrowd on platforms led to an increase in the significance of social media monitoring and its tools. 

The task of analysing a brand’s social media presence is now a structured process. It is now a lot more than just the total number of likes and comments received on a post. Tools are specifically designed to give you a comprehensive account of how your brand is being perceived on social media channels. There are several social media analytics and monitoring tools in the market and choosing a couple of them requires research. In this blog, we will help you with the comparative analysis of two such tools namely Unbox Social and Brand24. 

Brand managers often choose tools based on their pricing but fail to understand the features. This is why it is best to compare the tools and analyse them before selecting. Let’s look at what Unbox Social and Brand24 have to offer.

Unbox Social VS Brand24

 1. Overview of the tools

Unbox Social is a comprehensive tool with three primary features namely influencer marketing, social media analytics, and competition tracking. The three features help you with everything you need for your brand/business. The tool is capable of giving you deep insights that can help you with strategy planning. 

Brand24 is similar to Unbox Social but has features that are categorized into social listening and analysis. This also includes tracking mentions and discussion volume charts. The tool is more inclined towards brand listening features than analytics. 

 2. Features offered by the tools

Unbox Social’s influencer marketing tool allows you to find influencers, evaluate influencers, conduct campaign reporting, and influencer listening amongst other features. Coming to the tool’s social media analytics feature, the solution gives you in-depth insights into your brand’s content performance. The feature offers audience analysis and sentiment analysis data too. The tool’s competition tracking feature gives you data on Share of Voice and lots more. 

Brand24’s key features are mentions feed, discussion volume chart wherein you can analyse the brand image, marketing analytics, influence score, and sentiment analysis. The mentions feed helps you check the brand mentions in real-time. The influence score helps you shortlist the influencers you must collaborate with for your brand. 

 3. Platforms the tools cater to

Unbox Social caters to four major social media platforms- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Brand24 offers mentions feed and hence, caters to more social media platforms than Unbox Social. Brand24 collects mention data from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch. 

 4. Ideal for

Unbox Social is ideal for brands and businesses who want a full-fledged plan for their social media presence. The tool helps you find influencers, create effective campaigns, analyse content performance, and monitor competitors. This tool is apt for all businesses who either want to improve their social media presence or simply want to start anew on social media. 

Brand24, on the other hand, is a tool that helps more with social media listening and monitoring. Brands and businesses that already have an established presence on social media can benefit from this tool because the tool is more about analysing the existing content. 

 5. Tool dashboard and usability

Unbox Social dashboard

The Unbox Social dashboard is divided into three categories as per the solutions offered. The dashboard is pretty simple to understand and navigate because it comes with self-explanatory tabs. The dashboard is further divided into four social media platforms. Choose the solution and the dashboard systematically conveys the next steps.

brand24 dashboard

Brand24’s dashboard is strikingly different from Unbox Social primarily because the features are different. The Brand24 tool first introduces you to the mentions because that forms the basis of all its other analysis features. The dashboard on this tool must be looked at carefully because it has a lot of numeric data. The analytics dashboard is loaded with information that might confuse first-time users. Nevertheless, the tool gives in-depth insights into all its features. 

Hope this comparative analysis helps you choose the right tool for your business. Here are a few more blogs from Unbox Social to upgrade your social media marketing skills. 

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