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How To Conduct Brand Marketing For Niche Audience


Social media marketers catering to a niche audience often find it tricky to implement social media marketing strategies. Marketing for a niche audience is easier than catering to a mass audience base. But most brand marketers are clueless about how to connect with an audience who knows exactly what it wants! 

Every social media marketing plan is usually designed for a general audience and to come up with something that attracts a specific set of audience is a challenge in itself. But, there is a great advantage in catering to a niche audience and that is less competition. In most cases, marketers are advised to go for mass marketing because it gives wider reach and in turn a greater outcome. However, the times have changed and the audience behaviour on social media has increased the importance of social media marketing for niche audiences.

Initially, only small businesses relied on niche marketing but now even middle and large-sized businesses are learning the importance of marketing for niche audiences. Marketing on social media now needs to be specific because the audience is particular about their choices and preferences. This also means that brands need to diversify their products and services and offer as per the needs of the users.

Before we move on to the steps of creating a social media marketing strategy for niche audiences, let’s figure out why you need niche marketing in the first place.

  1. Your products and services cater to a specific need

  2. Your target audience is of a specific demographic

  3. Your products and services are curated to solve a specific problem

  4. Your business/brand caters to specific interests and values

Once you have decided your brand needs to market to a niche audience, you must follow the following steps. 

Step 1- Define your products and services

Before you start with audience analysis make sure you know your products and services thoroughly. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your brand will help you decide who needs your products and services the most. Moreover, social media marketers will be able to gauge whom to target in their strategy. 

Step 2- Look into your niche and competitors

Planning a social media marketing strategy for a niche audience is incomplete without gaining full knowledge of your niche and industry competitors. This will enable you to frame effective content strategies. Take a look at your competitors and see how they are interacting with the users. 

Step 3- Take a close look at the industry trends

Social media works on trends and to frame relevant content it is essential to follow the trends. Make sure you keep a track of all the industry trends. This will help you craft content that relates to the audience. Moreover, with the help of trends, you will also come to know what’s new in your niche. 

Step 4- Identify who needs your product or service

When a brand or business implements a social media strategy it must have a goal. To promote your products and services you must first see who needs them the most. This will be your niche audience. For instance, if you are a dog food brand you must target people who have pet dogs because these are the people who can be your direct consumers. Identifying the need of the users can help you shape effective strategies for marketing on social media. 

Step 5- Choose the right social media platforms

Using social media for marketing will require you to choose the right platform. Once you know your objectives and audiences, it becomes easier to choose a platform for implementing a social media marketing strategy. Check where most of your niche audience is active and what kind of content type is the most appealing to them. Every social media platform has different content curation features and your content plan will depend on the same. 

Step 6- Check analytics and keep upgrading your brand content

Once you have your audience and content strategy in place, it is important to check the response after the implementation. The analytics will tell you whether you are reaching the right audience base and if the users are connecting with your content. This analysis is extremely crucial because it will indirectly impact your brand reach and sales. Marketers can rely on social media marketing tools for accurate analysis. 

These steps will help you conduct brand marketing for a niche audience. Let’s look at a few brands that have managed to reach a wider audience base even through niche marketing. 

Examples of Niche Marketing

Here are a few brands that have a niche audience as their target simply because their products appeal to a particular set of users. 

1. Pedigree India- Pet food brand

Pedigree India Instagram

2. Snackible- Healthy snack options

Snackible Instagram

3. Juicy Chemistry- Skincare brand for cruelty-free and organic products

Juicy Chemistry Instagram

4. Airbnb- Dedicated to travel enthusiasts

Airbnb Instagram feed

5. Bee’s Wrap- Plastic-free products made from beeswax

Bee’s Wrap Instagram feed

Social media marketing campaigns directed to a niche audience are incomplete without influencers. Make sure you make the most out of influencer marketing when implementing niche marketing strategies. Influencer marketing platforms like Unbox Social can help you reach your specific audience base effortlessly. 

Using social media for marketing is not just about posting everyday, one must also see the best time to post, audience reactions and comments, and follower growth. These aspects are crucial for marketing on social media. 

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!