Get Your First 1,00,000 YouTube Subscribers In 10 Simple Steps

Every channel that has made it big on YouTube once started out with 0 subscribers. So you know nothing is impossible, but it will definitely require commitment and patience on your part.

Why is it so important to get to your first 1,00,000 subscriptions?

YouTube has a Partner Program, where creators can earn money from advertising. When earlier, all you needed to join the program was 10,000 views, now you need over 4,000 hours of watch time in the past 12 months and have more than 1,00, 000 subscribers. In September 2019, YouTube changed the name for the “YouTube Partner Program Policies” to “YouTube Monetization Policies” to inculcate Community Guidelines, Terms of Service, and Google AdSense Program Policies as a part of this. 

YouTube is one of the most amazing platforms, and here every content creator has an equal chance at success.

However, changes to the monetization policy are bound to affect a large number of content creators. Predicting the impact of this announcement, YouTube is hoping that Creator Academy and Creator Site will continue to be helpful in maintaining the subscriber’s growth rate on YouTube.

Gaining real subscribers on YouTube may seem slow and daunting. But if you follow the steps mentioned below, on how to get your first 1,00, 000 subscribers on YouTube. You can get there.

Define your niche

Before you dive into some of the tried and tested YouTube hacks for gaining subscribers, you need to take a hard look at your content.

Most of the famous YouTubers fit into a specific niche. Markiplier is well known for his gaming, Liza Koshy for her comedy and lifestyle. Everyone has their own thing. Others, like PewDiePie, went on to cover extended topics on their channel, but they did start with a single niche in mind – gaming, in PewDiePie’s case.

Finding your own niche helps you reach the right kind of audience, one that actually seeks a specific type of content and has an active interest in what you have to say. When a channel has a theme, it allows the subscribers to connect with the channel more easily. By focusing your videos on a theme also makes it easier to plan out content regularly.

But remember, whatever specialization you go for, you cannot go into it without knowing your niche. This goes without saying, but if you don’t have at least some knowledge about the niche you have chosen or any passion for talking about it for hours, it would be unwise to build your channel around it.

Look at it this way- if you don’t know what you are talking about, why should your viewers listen to you?

You have to be very clear when defining your niche. It doesn’t matter if the niche has little to no competition – it is in fact, all the better. The more narrowed down your niche is, the more authority you will have on YouTube for it. You are even likely to rank on the first search page of YouTube, which means more viewers and subscribers.

Once you get your 1,00, 000 subscribers on YouTube, you can start branching out to other topics to diversify your content. But for now, make sure you stick to your niche to cater to the community around that niche.

Be original & genuine

Once you have defined your niche, you now have an idea about what your target audience looks like. If you don’t, take a look at some of the other content creators in your niche. 

YouTube has about 1.9 monthly active users on the platform and 500 videos are uploaded every minute on the platform. 

So it is safe to assume that your videos are not going to get noticed if they don’t stand out.

This is why you should try to come up with as much unique and authentic content as possible. Make sure your videos have value and benefit your viewers in some way or the other.

If you are choosing to create a video on a topic that has been done before, which is bound to happen at some point, make sure your content stands out.

In such a case, you may be tempted to use clickbait titles in your videos when trying to gain views, but it is advisable not to do so. Of course, you can get creative with your titles and use a somewhat clickbait title for some truly entertaining content, but nobody appreciates it when a clickbait titled video doesn’t deliver what it promises. So be true to yourself and your audience.

It is also important to be as genuine as possible. Don’t try to be someone else online, your viewers will see right through you. Let your viewers really get to know you. Doing so will help them relate to you better, and they will grow to trust you. This is how your YouTube subscribers’ growth rate will be organic.

Optimize for SEO

If you haven’t heard of Search Engine Optimization before, it might seem daunting at first. But there’s no reason to worry! We are here to tell you exactly what it is and how you can implement it.

What it means: Optimizing for SEO means optimizing your content in such a way that it ranks on the first search page whenever someone types in a certain keyword. There are millions of creators on YouTube and even more published videos. If you don’t optimize for SEO, your videos will get lost in a sea of content!

How do you optimize your YouTube content for SEO: There are several things you need to keep in mind when optimizing your YouTube channel for SEO. To rank on the first search pages of YouTube and Google, you need to provide them with relevant information so they can understand what your content is about and make a decision on how to rank you.

Here is how you do it:

  1. Research keywords: First and foremost, you need to find the best traffic-generating keywords that are relevant to your topic. But since you are just starting out, you also need to find the best traffic-generating keywords that don’t have a lot of competition.

The most popular and free method of doing keyword research is on YouTube itself. Type in your video topic in the search bar and YouTube will suggest related popular searches. Test variations of each those searched until you land on those that fit your video the best. You can also use this research to get ideas for your future content and make sure you are creating videos that people are actively searching for.

Another way to research keywords is to find out which keywords your competitors are using. You can use this competition tracking tool to monitor your competitors’ content on social media platforms. 

  1. Optimize the title of your video: Your title should not be too long and must contain the main keyword for which you want your video to rank. It should be simple and easy to read.
  2. Optimize your tags: Your tags should include all the other related keywords. 

A great YouTube hack for subscribers is to also include one or two names of channels who have made top ranking videos for the same keyword. 

This way, your video could show up in the suggested searches and a person could watch your video after watching the first one. And since the person has the same interests, you have a potential subscriber!

  1. Optimize your description: Take your description seriously. Provide detailed information in the description about the contents of your video and remember to add relevant keywords in it as well. Use keywords wisely and avoid jamming them into every sentence.
  2. Optimize your meta tag: Rename your video file before you upload it and ensure that this file name contains the relevant keywords.
  3. Have a custom thumbnail: If you have a verified channel, you can create a custom thumbnail for your videos. Create an appealing thumbnail that can attract your target audience’s attention. 

Be consistent

Being consistent is important if you want to grow your subscribers. Having a single video go viral is not easy. What you need for getting success on YouTube, is consistent commitment to making good quality content.

People will definitely notice your efforts and appreciate you. This is how you build organic, loyal subscribers.

Stick to a schedule for posting your videos. This will help your viewers create a habit of tuning in to check out your latest posts.

Here are a few quick tips on how to maintain a schedule on social media platforms :

  1. Be realistic when creating your schedule: Know how much time you will require to create a video and plan your schedule accordingly.
  2. Plan ahead: Plan your video content days before you start creating it. Give yourself time to plan out your ideas effectively.
  3. Take breaks: Make sure you give yourself enough time to avoid the creativity block and don’t take on more work than you can handle.
  4. Stick to your goals: You know exactly what you want to achieve with your videos, but you may sometimes need to be reminded. Use sticky notes, put reminders on your phone-  anything to remind yourself to start working on your next video.

Get involved with the community

Getting involved with the community means building strong relationships with the people in your niche on YouTube. It is very important that you do this in order to bring like-minded people’s attention to your channel.

To grow your own community on YouTube, you need to begin by interacting with the niche community. Here are a few tips for you to get involved with the community:

  1. Comment on related channels: This will not only put you on the creator’s radar, but also on the similar audience’s.
  2. Interact with the community on YouTube’s Creator Community: Take an active part in relevant conversations and forums. Interact with fellow creators in your niche. Run Influencer marketing campaigns to cross-promote each other. Collaborating is great for exposure!
  3. Interact with the niche community off YouTube: You can find like-minded people not only on YouTube, but also on other social media platforms. Join Facebook groups that have the kind of audience that you want to attract, engage with them and you will be getting real subscribers on YouTube in no time.
  4. Link your content to answer questions on other forums: If you create content to answer your viewer’s questions, chances are that there are more people out there with the same questions. Go to forums and groups concerning the topics you have dealt with in your videos, and provide value to those conversations. Link people to your videos that answer those same questions and you will instantly have more viewers!

Personally, ask people to subscribe

People often underestimate the power of genuinely requesting someone to do something. Most times, they shy away from asking people they personally know to subscribe to their channel.

Even if you haven’t officially launched your channel yet, or have barely begun posting videos, you need to tell everyone you know about it! Posting your videos and hoping people will find them without you saying anything is not going to work.

You will be surprised by the number of people that will subscribe to your channel if you just ask. If you are just starting out, telling your friends and family may be helpful in getting 1,00, 000 subscribers on YouTube. 

Don’t forget to also ask your viewers to like, comment and subscribe to your channel at the beginning of every video. Tell them what your channel is about and how often you upload new videos.

Get creative with your call-to-action to ensure maximum engagement!

Promote your content on Social Media

Your other social media accounts, such as those on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are a huge asset when it comes to growing your channel.The best way to promote your channel and drive more audience to your YouTube channel, is to repurpose your content across all other social media.

Here are a few ways in which you can use your social media accounts to promote your channel and get those 1,00, 000 subscribers on YouTube in no time:

  1. Create transcripts: Use transcripts from your videos to quote a certain part that stands out and post it on social media. You can create tweet-worthy captions and link them back to the original video.
  2. Create small clips: You can post small clips from your latest videos to Instagram or Facebook to drive followers back to your YouTube channel. On Instagram, make sure you put a link to your video in the bio and ask your viewers to watch the full-length video. On Facebook, you can ask your friends to share your video!
  3. Provide your social media handles in your videos: Make sure your viewers can find you on other social media platforms. Letting them into your daily lives could make your viewers more invested. This is how you build a loyal community for your own channel.

Take a look at how Gary Vee never forgets to add links to their videos:

Create playlists

Creating playlists is easy. All you need is a series of videos and then group them together to create a playlist.

YouTube auto-plays videos from a playlist one after the other. Creating a sort of binge-watching effect or the Netflix effect that keeps the audience watching every video in the playlist.

Playlists are a great YouTube hack for subscribers as they will result in someone spending more time on your channel, watching one video after the next. 

Remember that watch time also affects your ranking and how much visibility your video gets. And ranking high is how you can get subscribers on YouTube fast.

Think about how you can create a series-type content that has a common theme. You can also publish videos that lead into the next to make sure your viewers are watching every video to keep up with the playlist.

Here’s an example of how TheSorryGirls creates playlists for all of their DIY videos:

Brand your content

Pay special attention to how you brand your content. You want to create a sense of community for your own channel and string your content together with the help of branding.

Since we have talked about creating custom thumbnails. it is also important to talk about your channel art. Your channel art is the first thing that a viewer will see when they land on your channel page. If your channel art is appealing enough to make a good first impression, you are more likely to get subscribers on YouTube fast.

Make sure to add your channel name and how often you upload videos in your channel header. You also want to make sure that your thumbnails and channel art follow the same theme.

Here’s an example of how Brian Dean uses his thumbnail art to create a custom brand design:

Also don’t forget to create a channel trailer! Talk briefly about what your channel is about and why the viewer should subscribe to your channel.

You can further brand your content by adding a branding watermark to every video. A watermark gives your viewers the chance to subscribe to your channel by just hovering over It.

Keep a track of your progress

Watching out for your analytics means keeping a track of how your videos are performing.

When you know what kind of content is working and who your audience is, you can easily plan your next content around this data. A good social media intelligence tool can be helpful in analyzing the performance of your channel. 

Analytics can be a tricky territory to tread into, and there are always new things to learn about it, but for now, you can check out this quick guide on YouTube Analytics to get started.

Making sure you never miss out on key information like your follower demographics. Knowing the age and gender of your average viewer will help you focus on what kind of content you need to create to attract a particular audience. You can use a reliable third-party tool for delving deeper into YouTube Analytics. 

Wondering how your content is faring on your social media handles?
Dig deeper into your channel’s performance on YouTube with in-depth in-depth insights by Unbox Social.


A Few Bonus Tips On How To Get 1,00, 000 Subscribers On YouTube

  1. Know your audience, listen to your audience: Dig deeper and try to figure out your target audience. You will know what kind of content they want to see. Are they leaving questions that you can answer? Are they loving one content topic more than another? You can even start asking them as to what kind of content they would like to see on your channel – directly or indirectly, in your videos or on social media platforms.
  2. Ask your viewers to hit the bell icon: Asking your viewers to hit the bell icon, means asking them to get notified whenever you post a video. This ensures you get more views and watch time, which boosts your video’s ranking.
  3. Have a compelling hook: Your hook has to be compelling so that people actually stay to watch your video till the end. The longer the watch time on your video, the more likely you are to land on suggested or recommended videos. Which means higher YouTube subscribers’ growth rate.
  4. Product Reviews: A great YouTube hack to get more subscribers is by getting Influencers to review your products. Influencer marketing campaigns can help you boost your brand presence to a great extent. 
  5. Host giveaways: If you are close to getting your 1,00, 000 subscribers, you can give your viewers a little incentive to subscribe to your channel by hosting a giveaway. For instance, you can promise to reward your 1,00, 000th subscriber or giveaway presents when you hit that 1,00, 000 subscriber mark.


To summarize, if you want to get 1,00, 000 subscribers on YouTube fast, you need to:

  1. Choose a single niche and produce quality content that benefits the viewer in some way.
  2. Create original, authentic content that draws in viewers.
  3. Take out time to really learn the basics of SEO and then implement it by optimizing your title, your description, your tags,and even your meta tags.
  4. Create appealing channel art and enticing thumbnails.
  5. Consistency is key! Create a schedule and follow it with dedication.
  6. Personally ask your friends and family to subscribe.
  7. Add a strong call-to-action at the beginning of your video asking your viewers to subscribe.
  8. Promote your content on social media by re-purposing it for every platform.
  9. Create playlists to increase watch time.
  10. Brand you content by adding great channel art, channel trailer and branded watermarks.



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